In village Lyrian
August 24th

Iric the dwarf
Calvin the druid
and myself travel to Gryfic we wonder how the city is.

It takes us a day to travel out there, we camp for a night
August 25th
We arrive at Gryfic the town seems deserted.
Explore around a bit but before I notice it my companions Iric and Calvin are lost too, their horses as well. The tracks lead nowhere its almost as if theyve disappeared out of thin air.

When I entered the city I heard a voice call out to me telepathically. She identified herself as Kayla, she wondered why I could see through her illusion, and even more important, why did I resist the magic she used to magically teleport my friends away.

Worry took over and I attempted to mentally block her out. I scanned teh city from the guard tower and found a single building that seemed out of place. It emitted a magical aura, a small stone temple to Avath.

I rushed to the temple, and inside there wa Kayla, a snake woman of some sort, this temple was her brooding ground. There were hundreds of eggs inside here. She also had captured all the missing people / goblins and was keeping them in magical jars. Her plan was to use her prisoners as food to grow her children into adults. She claimed to be on the brink of a new empire for her kind.

She seemed to find me intriguing because i was able to resist her magics and leaned towards keeping me around, she even hinted as using me as a donor for her next brood. When her guard was down i took the opprotunity to strike. She was quicker than me and struck me with magical lightning that almost took me out in a single shot.

Her mistake was taking the time to gloat before finishing me, though she was a powerful sorceress her body was as frail as anyone elses and 1 swipe took her head from her body.

Afterwards I burned the temple of Avath to the ground to get rid of her brood and broke the jars containing humans freeing them back into the city. After they thanked us my companions and I left with three jars of goblins (we believe near 250 of them) in tow.

Outside of town we release the leader of the tribe and speak with him. Im able to convince him of my power and that I can help him acheive greater power. Like I assumed goblins especially during war times change leadership quite often. Every goblin is conniving, and scheming his way to the top. and their loyalty only goes as far as it serves them.

this goblin warband leaders name is Kurack, I will attempt to manipulate him and use my power to help him climb the hierarchy that is the goblin leadership. The goal is to atleast distract the goblin queen enough for me to get close and kill her. Last time we met she was too strong, I was helpless to her magics. I’ll have to attempt to distract her, or find some way to get close. A coup’ could be the ticket I need.

Evening August 25th


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