August 7th Morning

Adrian leaves with the calvary force to sneak through the marshes.

We take our main force and try to move stealthfully towards the gilderoy army, and sneak behind them.

The fight goes to shit i am nearly slain in the middle of the battle by a field marshal of the gilderoy army. a day later i awake in the ghost wood, some of my men were able to save me and drag me there. Seems most of my army was killed and a scout from adrians force arrives saying his men were killed as well.

Waking up August 9th

Adrian Ulfric and Harold the captains are all dead and more than half the men

Talk with some of the men try to come up with a new plan
glitterhall arrives and takes me to cheross He and a force of fairys attack the force thats been upsetting cheross, freeing cheross from their

We play a game of chicken with the hilderoy army and make our way to cheross by using the threat of the goblins

We are able to weasel around them with only a few goblin encounters and make it to cheross

august 23rd Morning inside Cheross
talking with duke osvauldt explain everything i know to him, i need time to decide what i will do, so i get some herbs and other things and try to meditate on what to do.


akrippler akrippler

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