August 5th Morning, Arriving at the Siege

We had some scouts out to check out the siege, then my men brought a spy to us.
Executed the spy after we figured out he got a message sent out. Had the body burned.
Got a message from the king he confirms what we knew, Gilderoy has landed some ships and a small army to try to just fuck up the reach in general. Either mess things up so they die to goblins, or sow distrust between the reach and the crown or anything that can fuck our plans up while the main armies attack from Avaria.

An old man is brought forward from Vernon and some soldiers.
he gives us some information about armies ladning and taking Stamfrey, its the Gilderoy forces
We thank him, talk wioth Calvin some more.
That night Helena shows up to my room she has an offer
She wants the Orb of Tirmoc its part of the goblin queens staff
She offers help during the battle in exchange, I have to take it because it could save lives

The fight goes according to plan for the most part, Calvin is able to support with lightning bolts and Helena does actually help, purple smoke appeared on the battlefield and it targeted the goblins and turned them into pigs, it had to be Helena.

After we run down the stragglers erveryhone meets up, Helena finds me that night i thank her for saving my mens lives with her magic, she charms me and i think we bang that night.

Augusts 7th Morning
Wake up talking with men about next moves. Calvin shows me the locations of the enemy armies with his druidic sight. At Brugoh Bay the main goblin army continues to amass troops. and ships. And in the pines a region just north of hindengard marsh, the gilderoy army of nearly 1000 lies in wait hoping to ambush us as we head to cheross.

With local knowledge from my camp we decide on a plan. Captain Adrain with his knowledge of the swamp will take the calvary directly to stamfrey and fight the token force there, and he will take over the village. Meanwhile we will ambush the main force and in a pitched battle do our best not to suffer losses and force them to retreat. Once they run to stamfrey and see they have nowhere to go, the men will loose hope.

Adrian sets off and our plan is in motion August 7th Morning.


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