Morning July 24th

That morning I see a small force of about 100 men moving southwest towards nothis. I talk to them some counts captain was out collecting levies . I stop to talk to him, he says the goblins are pressing the north. An attempt was made on the kings life, by what people think are Gilderoi assasins. Avara is pressing the western borders b ecause of pressure from Gilderoi.

The king has put out a call to collect all able men, knights, and the like to join him in the capitol to begin a war it seems.

I head back up to talk with Sylvia after talking with the captain, and he heads off.

I talk with Sylvia, it is hard to convince her to go with me to nothis, she doesnt want shit to do with the politics or the fighting, she just wants to kill demussy because hes killed everyone she loves before. Eventually she relents, we will stick it through togther.
She has a map to a hidden grotto in the village, we follow it and end up in a small cave, there is a hidden wall.

Inside we traverse some traps and the like eventually we come to a underwater tunnel and make our way through it barely. and find the chambers where a battle took place between demussy and his master. He used a gem called the stone of Sarthas, I am able to find that very gem. It seems to be inert though. Sylvia also collects some bone dust and some rotted wood from the coffin. She thinks it can be used to make a weapon
We make it back up to the outside, then start out travel to Nothis.

July 28th

It took us 4 days to make it to Nothis, The city is extremely busy, at first we arrive and are lumped in with the rest of the soldiers, but eventually we are summoned by the king.

When I arrive Daleen is here, seems she was summoned to deal with this, or perhaps The Duke of Cheross sent her as he heard. We are int he kings bedroom, in this room is his wife, his son, augustus, another preist, that seems to be advising him or something. a few of the dukes and personal servants. As soon as i arrive, he throws everyone out of the room but me.

Osten Vymarr is the king
HE says i am loyal and honest so he has 2 requests for me. First he wants me to be his prescence on the field. He wants me to take his levies and represent him as a show of solidarity with the reach. Im to support the duke of cheross in a potentional clash with the goblins of twilight vale. Intel says there is a host amassing within the Burough bay there havent been any major engagements yet but the duke cannot leave his home behind as it is threatened.

He also gave me the seal of nothia, its a cube made of jade and gold, it has a slight magical aura. He wants me to keep it because its required for the succession. He doesnt necessarily trust anyone at this point, its obvious even his son. So i am to keep it, and make sure the rightful heir is selected in the event of his death, as well as he commanded me to kill the person responsible for his death. Once thats done the seal is to be given to the reightful heir.

The prince calls me over after i exit the room he wants to talk about something,
He says his fathers a bit delusional sometimes, and he wants to knwo whats happeneing, I tell him the parts about the goblin invasion but leave out the seal.

After that word is sent for the camp to meet with me so we can start making this happen. but i speak with my father rudolph at the dinner table he says if i give up my aracane knight powers he will take me back, tell him to leave i was made this way theres nothing i could do, but i dont want to change ti anyways and i dont want to go back with him, he played the mother card i said fuck off

Then captain Darce, the captain that i saw murder a village becasue of their “heathenistac ways” coems over and asks for me to meet with his lord. I say fuck off I got orders from the king.

The camp comes to pick me up, on the way to meet with them i see BRant we chat for a moment, but have to split ways, hes gotten better. a bit fatter and richer it seems because hes settled we have to part ways though.

I meet with the captains of the kings personal army.
Captain Adrian Falcon
Captain Vernon Richards
Captain Harold Jensen
Captain Ulfric

Meet with the captains i tell them what is happening they all agree lets get moving asap
Ulfric is from the reach knew of my family as well, they all seem like good guys

Head out to find Sylvia, after some suspiciuous shit i find her downstairs tied up she was whipped i think because of her relation to me
I find the priest that did it, force him to give me the names of his conspirators but before i can have him killed augustus shows up and makes an offer i have to take infront of everyone, give him the preist to be punished, its worked out that hes going to kill him so its ok to me. He discreetly gave me a vial for the bite on sylvias neck

I go to sylvias room and apply the salve, it works and heals her wound, she then gets groggy, i say goodbye as shes falling asleep, i ahve a plan to keep her safe since she cant come with
and tis dangerous in a city, de mussey could come for her at any time.

I go to augustus, hes the only oen capable of defending her that i know about, his powerful faith, and holy afffinity should be able to protect her i think. He agrees and says ive done enough for him in my travels.

I meet back up with the men we are set to head out for a forced march towards teh reach, the goal is to aid Duke Osvauldt in his defense of the reach against the invading goblin horde.

We are leaving Mid day July 28th.


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