August 23rd night sleeping

Wake up to a man in my room. HE starts questioning me. I find out hes the liason of a wizard. Said wizard claims to be pulling the strings for the goblin armies, he plans on taking over the world and wants me to help him. So I attack the lizardman.

Talk with Osvauldt and Jondarr about the lizardman.

Decide on my plan something in my meditation told me to head towards the west. so thats what we will do. The king as sent a letter telling me to leave the seal with duke osvauldt
duke osvauldt has also been ordered to take out the gilderoy forces, it worries him because it leaves him open to possible goblin attacks. We are going to be a thorn in the goblisn side and try our best to slow them down.

Osvauldt is confident they can destroy the now standed forces of gilderoy but it will take time because they will run as much as possible.

We head out looking for villages after the path of destruction the goblin hoard that was defeated outside of cheross has left.

That afternoon we come across Lyrian a village west of cheross. The village is still standing but something is off. As we approach i hear a group of men laughing.
Its bandits attacking a family looks like a blacksmith in the center of the village
PLace has been abanded maybe this family came back but they alone so easy prey for bandits
Kill like 5 of them they are trying to rape and steal form this family
Outside a giant attacks, seems like a weapon of the goblins that has broken free.
We are able to bring it down though, speak with the family.


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