Midday July 28th

As we are leaving I head out wuickly to find Daleen, shes been tending to the king as a herbalist since his sickness and/or wounds.
I give DAleen the set of ripped pages from the alchemists journal, it contains the ingredients and how to prepare the black blodo poultice.
There are 3 ingredients I dont think she can get, but she might be able to gather all the others for me.

Kurric’s tears, which is a crystal found near volcanoes
a Royal Purple orchid, a rare mutation of a rare black orchid flower.
Glowing Black Caps, a rare mushroom only found in the underdark.

She thinks she can get the rest, but isnt sure if she can brew it…maybe with some study and the right equipment she might be able to do it.

I meet back up with the men as everyone prepares and we leave.
About 500 men, and nearly 80 calvary.

As we march I see a man off the side of the road, the captains keep the men moving as Vernon and I step aside to see whats happening
Its an inquisitor they are from the hand of the five a sect of five known for cruel punishments of offenders against their religion he claims the 2 men he has tied up are demon worshipers, hes trying to a confession out of them and rat out the rest of the demon worshipers in the nearby thorp hollow crossing.

I end up provoking the inquisitor and he attacks me, after a scuffle hes slain, we free the 2 men, they are worshippers of hern not a demon, some of the men appear grateful some dont like it

We move on, after 3 days through Velen Woods.
July 31st Night

In my tent, Harold Jensen sends a camp girl in for company and before anything can happen I get suddenly teleported I am suspended in the air by a orc shaman of some sort, he says when i killed the old orc king i maimed him, he wants revenge, he dumps me into a pit and locks it up.

Then the queen shows up some sort of sorcoreess goblin/orc she taunts me and trys to torture me and probe my thoughts, then gets mad and thrwos me back in the pit, i black out when landing.

I wake up and its nearing morning, i hear a noise at the top of the pit the cover is being taken off Glitterhall appears and he saves me, we fly out of there in glitter form moving really fast

After i explain what happened to the captains and some of the men, then speak with glitterhall a bit before he leaves,

I have to travel on today even thought i didnt sleep, we cant afford delays. after seeing the giant horde and their ships and siege equipment i know we must move to help the reach

august 1st
Were riding on again.
I get a letter from the garrison at Verok they are under siege by goblin forces i decide we have to help them even if theres a delay in getting to cheross. If we help maybe they can rearm and resupply us so we cna go to cheross even stronger.

I sleep and wake up the next day near my bed is Wolfshead he talks to me in an odd fashion usually hes not so serious, it seems the circle of durids is calling a meeting of all archdruids, he has to abandon his son for some time, he wants him to come with me
His son is calvin, or babbling brook, he is learning the ways of a druid and could use the experience he thinks his son can get traveling with me
he wants him to learn of humans and savage races and the balance they create, see it first hand as if war is a part of the balance.

So we say goodbye to wolfshead and i call the captains so we can talk with calvin

August 2nd, weve been marching for 5 days now

That night after the meetings
im attacked by a goblin asassin but am able to defend myself
the assasssin flees though, we double the guard and get back to rest.

We travel uneventfully ending up nearby the siege of verok 2 days later.

We arrive nearby the siege on August 5th morning.


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