Story so far

Stenek born of Redwood
Cleric who taught him Hylene she stayed at thunderbrook cave, theres a stream nearby that sounds like thunder so they called it thunderbrook
middle brother names Jayce Redwood
Younger brother Seth Redwood
Father Rudolf Redwood formitable man skilled rider and combatant
Baron redwood was in county wycliffe ruled by count Hiroc Wycliffe under king Aelfred Landshaw kingdom of Nothia
Nothia region is harsh winters mild summers
To the north is unexplored wilderness

first snow of the year always has a festival to celebrate the victory over the goblin warlord encrouching upon humans 100 years ago

The preist that forced my father to oust me was Ivor Gretch,

My teachers cave was empty she left behind a wooden unicorn medallion i took it
went to wycliffe went to maidens mug tavern

Helena the sorceress appeared and approached me she was invisible to everyone else
tried to charm me repeately she is intrigued by it comes to talk to me

a man ape was cursed because he raped his sister
his father confronted him and the brother commited patricide and the father cursed him
the daughter took her own life after.

he roams as a beast man now for 75 years he is in ruins to the north.

Helena asks me to go kill him to lift the curse and colect an amulet there for her
my sense of adventure is getting to me, also the beast is dangerous killing people.

on the way to the beast i was confronted by 3 highwaymen, i tried to not fight them but they insisted unless i pay

when they approached i cut down two of them the third ran away.

made it to the ruins and confronted the beast
after i slew it collected the amulet and started back

layed down to camp

stopped at the logging camp on the way back and stayed the night camping near others
told them im stenek of redwood and they allowed me in.

some older man with a symbol fo the five. Named Alfred
hes preaching all over everyone

oscar the captain of the logging camp is freindly, he is annoyed with alfred

tried to leave early in the morning.
the preist caught me and talked to me seemed suspicious

i rode more and came upon a village, 2 guards and a preist of the 5 had a boy tied to a tree
they were going to “purge” his means harsh torture and or death
the village people were pleading for it not to happen
I killed a guard and the preist then quickly left
the peasants were very unsure of the outcome weither it was bad or good

met jocko on the road he is a bard wanted to learn my name for his new ballad about what just happened
spoke with him a while he learned my name.

made it to town and he got arrested by guards for sleeping with captains daughter

stopped a theif in the night

woke int he morning

spoke with helena that morning she came into inn and took the amulet from me, didnt tell me much then she left

spoke with jocko again we are going to go after a highwayman for some coin

My brithday july 18th
date april 8th

as we were discussing how to confront the bandits we were ambushed by them
feigned giving up my weapon and killed the leader, displayed magic and the survivors lost the will to fight
started binding them for the trip back when a man named wolfs head introduced himself.

he says he is a druid
he wanted to meet me said hern go talk to him
he also said that goblins are coming from the twilight forest.
he left mysteriously

we took prisoners back to town, turned them in got gold
got invited to dinner with count

the count welcomed me let me stay the night talked about marrying his daughter he didnt know yet that i was disinherited
didnt want to insult him
daughter takes liking to me talk with her

helena visits at night, tells me she knows something about goblins up north
trys to pry information about wolfs head out of me.
i keep some secrets but she is able to pull some information out of me about him

she leaves warns me about priest
gay preist shwos up deal with that

next morning count takes me prisoner tells me he found out about disenheritance
asks why but i refuse to tell he doesnt pry thinks its a family issue
lets me go with my armor/weapons he seems nice but also worships the 5 heavily it seemed
cant marry his daughter obviously

im now believing in the druids and the sorceresses words more so i decide to set out for the lumber camp

before i leave jocko stops me we talk for a bit i tell him im leaving he wants to go
but has to stay for the feast

i leave head north

meet shitty preist again father jensin
goblins attack while talking to logging captain

we defend the camp together from the goblin skirmishers
hear war drums in the background more are coming

the archer that "accidently"shot me a few times during the fight ended up being told to do so by the priest
he tried to kill me again but i stoppped him after he wounded me

left for deadwood going south to warn everyone of the goblins

arrived at deadwood early in the morning, rode through the night
Elder grudd is the man to speak with here
his wife said i saved the tommlin boy
i told them they need to leave when we were discussing the goblins all the sudden a band of riders attacked
horribly wounded i road back to wycliffe after fending off the

slept for 3 days woke to a stormy night with anatasia wycliffe watching me in bed
she didnt reveal much to me
heard my father talking to wycliffe he was here for the feast he was asking if ill survive.

woke again it has been 5 days total since i came here.

stablemaster gretch saved my horse from almost dieng of exhaustion.
Lilly is the old lady that healed me she knew of the old ways

During the day i was confronted by the 3 preists that are now here, one from logging camp and 2 in town
i have a bad rep with all three

they think i killed hte preist in deadwood (i did)
they try to get me to sign a letter saying i did it

i left that night with jockos help, since anatasia was a bit too much worried about other things like marrying me

jocko got my gear out of the armory and brought it to me helped me make it outside i fled during the night

caught a nap on my way out then continued that morning
saw an old man ont he road looked at me weird he whispered death

saw 2 men trying to rape a woman in deadwood
i killed them since one of them was one of the men i freed before.

camping near the logging camp and wolfs head appeared to me
he said he was going to help me get to the goblin king
he turned into a bird and flew me to the goblin king so we could attack him just as he was ambushing the men at the logging camp

i killed the king and paraded his head to the men fighting to get their spirits up and we routed the goblins

snuck away before everything calmed down so that i woudlnt draw attention to myself
mainly i didnt want to have to speak with wycliffe since he ordered me to stay in town

I left the spike with the goblin kings head on it near the logging camp, the returning army should see it

With nowhere to go, i wandered east for 2 weeks i traveled. until I reached Veneer, it borders the Ghost Wood

Duke Egrin Silverstone resides here Duchy of Veneer

DAte is May 4th

First thing i saw inside was preists of the 5 discriminating
1 person in stockade another stretched out and fruit thrown at them
the third was a woman labled witch in a cage she will be executed or tortured eventually

the super fat priest being carried in a chair stopped and talked to me
i dont have any of his parafonalia
he is the high patriarch here named Edwin Crisp

headed into tavern Ghosts Goblet
ogden owns it, woman named magda is there she seats me and they feed me

as i ate some guy came inside the tavern and drew near a woman in the corner with a dagger in hand
when i confronted him i convinced him to stand down and leave

he had a wooden holy symbol hhe brandished for a moment as he approached her.

my horse killed a guy that was trying to steal him outside

the woman i saved came to talk to me, she brought me to a mistress in a carpenters house in the basement
it was kind of sketchy we went through a bunch of storage to a small back room
the mistress didnt want anyone to come in but relented when she heard i had helped the first woman

The mistresses name is Liandra ive found out she is a healer a follower of Mithras male healing god

she asked me to take her to an enclave far away she needs someone to take her since she cant defend herself.
she si a devout of mithras that means she takes no violent action
she heals empathetically

while eating we heard someone entering the basement and nearing the door
he fiddled witht he lock and opened it

it was the man that accosted sophia at the tavern i ran him through but he stabbed me with some poison

liandra healed me took the poison in herself then cured it

we told the guards about it, played it off as a story that he was a thief the carpenter father of sophia corraberated the story

they invited us in after and fed us and we wasted some time talking
then the priest edwin from before showed up, he knew who the “thief” was

we had a read between the lines conversation,
I surmise that the family is doomed to be questioned/ and have in inquisition to deal with after we leave
but i cant bear to tell liandra that it will happen

we prepare to leave quietly at night.

talked to liandra on the way at the start of our journey

had a dream that night it was of a little girl holding a symbol of the 5
liandra is her mother and the girl kills herself by jumping off cliff
a man tried to comfort liandra seems like liandras husband
liandra seemed to be a noblewoman of some sort nearby there was a castle

that dream woke me up and then i heard a twig snapping nearby
it ended up being a werewolf it attacked me but backed off suddenly

then a man jumped out took liandra hostage
then an elf killed that man, i was worreida bout liandras safety so was stand off ish to the elf

we traveled a bit more then slept
woke up to bandits around us
they were gonna take us prisoner but i charmed the lead bandit pasquel
me and laindra made it off quickly when the chance presented itself

as we walked we saw the elf arlarial again she was being dragged by an ogre
i killed the ogre and liandra healed the elf

we spoke a bit i offered to let the elf rest with us a bit mainly because i didnt want liandra
healing any more since she seemed weak from it

Sat down to rest for a bit since Arlarial and Liandra were weakened.

Arlarial found out I was an eldritch knight
Arlarial is from imperial city this indicates the elves have a large empire.
The eternal city.

she told me a bit about elves they are imperialistic, have a federation now though it seems
they have multiple client states

a family that gave arlarial shelter told her a tale of their oldest son
he started talking about some woman that showed up in the village and the boy fell in love
with that woman
the woman turned into a wolf and attacked the boy then disapeared

it seems the boy contracted lycanthropy and turned into a werewolf.

alarials is a young elf in terms of their culture

Arlarial has offered to take care of the curse in payment of them helping her when she was wounded, they took her in and cared for her.

Arlarials twin brother was killed out here a time ago. he was attempting a quest
a human rogue visited elven lands, he was a charming fellow
alarials father invited him into their home this happened 5 years ago
this was all a ploy for the rogue to get close to the family so he could steal a family heirloom
a imbued magial sword that was prepared incase the family needed it in an emergency

Alarials brother was killed a year ago, his body was found outside Nothis the city then

Quel’eth is the name elfs call eldritch knights

Alarial went to try to hunt a bit before she came back a bunch of inquisition men attacked liandra and us

liandra took an arrow to her shoulder she is slower to heal on wounds that are actually afflicted upon her than wounds she empathetically takes on
though she does heal even faster than me

i took some wounds, refuse healing from liandra, we camp the night after walking all day
we’ve decided to keep traveling in the forest, in the hopes that it will be easier to lose the trail of the inquisitors.
However as arlarial has told me, we now run the risk of being hunted by wargs. Id rather take my chances with wargs

camped in a small hidden cave for a night.

that night before we camped we looked over our wounds

during my watch some worgs showed up at the cave

arlarial and i defended the cave it was a slaughter
liandra tricked me and quickly healed me
then we went to bed

we started walking again

heard whispers of my name all the sudden im in front of some beautiful elven woman
new setting is a waterfall with a beautiful glade large oak trees flowers and such
big pretty butterflies beautiful birds

I woke up from the charm and eventually pleaded with the woman

she relented when i claimed that liandra told me nera the goddess of fate sent me to her

i reappeared in the same spot as before and told the girls what happened.

We started walking again

we came upon arlarial she was captured by 3 fighters of the 5
after a brutal battle i killed the main fighter the other 2 tried to kill arlarial
ended up knocking everyone down

liandra wanted to heal arlarial i told her not to
she took on too many wounds and ended up dieng in my arms so that she could save arlarials life

i buried liandra and took arlarial on the horse with me

we set up camp, it was quiet and solemn
slept for the night

spoke with arlarial that night about what we should do for the future.

the daughter of hern showed up again at night during my watch trying to convince me to go with her

i refused

woke up the next day and had an uneventful travel. We set up camp again, we should be outside the woods sometime tomorrow

got drunk and ended up sleeping with arlarial

when i awoke she was gone, she left me a note.

i kept only the locket of hair and made my way towards liandras destination so i can tell them what happened to her.

came out of the woods at grimwood talked to some loggers they suggested i go see ms petes and owen petes and holiday petes to get some food and rest if i need it.

ate as ms petes talked to her a bit, she told me the guys i killed came through here

preist penthal penders appraoched me he wants help witht he town, hes a preist of the 5 i hate his guts for that reason alone

got him to tell me about a witch outside the town her name is helgra he wants her killed but has been unable to get the villagers to help

her pigs name is mirth the name means laughter and funniness

i headed towards her cabin halfway there i saw a woman heading towards the village
it kind of looked like she was hiding the fact that her leg was healed

got to the cabin its pretty shittily put together

talked to helgren she ended up telling me to look for edgar woolen int he only tavern in town he waiting for liandras arrival

saw some dude on a rock speaking like he was on a soapbox, talking about how people should not listen to the gods about fate

i talked to him for a moment his name is ethan he went to school in nothis
had an interesting conversation with them then when i was about to leave he was siezed by townfolk under the command of the priest of the 5

i confronted them. forced the preist at swordpoint to let the guy go, we left after i dropped some tight ass lines on the dude.

ethan and i walked to stamfrey together and spoke during the walk

outside stamfrey there was a preist and some guards holding a guy down on a table bout to torture him there was a large crowd gathered.

in the crowd there was a very oddly dressed man but noone was noticing him

all the sudden he saw me looking at him, he talked to me telepathically his name is Baalreth
He knows my name.

he convinced me to try to save the man about to be tortured and he will help
i helped but as it happens i began to not like it

the wizard seems to be puppeting the whole thing and pretty much showing the whole crowd on purpose that i am an eldritch knight
the wizard disapeard after everything happened

the wizard reappeared as i was walking
he is asking for my help looking for the alquera grimoire
it lies in some ruins guarded by a creature.

the wizard is doubting i have the ability to preform the task
so he testing me somehow by making me unable to defend myself as guards from the previous incident capture me i am knocked unconcious

woken by a female
vivian she is strapped to a table like i am
she looks like theyve started torturing her recently

muscular guy bald head with tattoo of the 5 is the torturer down here
theres also a midget down here

heard the name augustus roglan thats the preist in fancy robes that shows up down here
the preist that i stopped from killing and torturing a guy is rook cassidy

they tortured me
they raped vivian
the wizard wont let me cast spells to save us
he wants me to endure it

eventually before they started doing permanant damage the wizard freed me and i killed the 2 torturers and the minor priest

then took vivian and left the city, the wizard hid me.

the wizard told my horse how to get to the people that i need to tell about liandra
im pissed at the wizard i dont know why he thinks i am going to help him

went on my way to the fort with vivian, hoping that they will take her in and help her

told everyone the story of what happened to liandra, then bedded down for the night

didnt sleep well that night

woke up in the morning

spoke with vivian a bit then the wizard appeared
hes pretty much holding vivian hostage, showed me he can hurt her just by lifting a finger
i dont think i could take him in a fight so i agree to go get his grimoire

he wants me to go to fison and take a boat to eldrech isles
there are ruins on eldrech isles in the ruins is the book
and a beast of eldrech, it deals pain out to anyone within a radius of it

after i defeat the beast i am to use a gem to open a passage and collect the grimoire
he says dont look at the pages and bring it to him right away

during the first night of travel when i was camping helena showed up
she tried to seduce me again, she wants me to not give the book to baalreth
to be more specific she wants me to kill baalreth
she gives me the necklace i got for her a long time ago, it can be used to temporarily disable baalreths defenses, that should give me enough time to kill him

i need to keep my thoughts guarded so baalreth doesnt learn of the plan

traveled for a bit longer until i made it to fison

asked around fison till i found out where the boat is

seems this boat showed up here and just waited for me, when i boarded it took me right away to the island

when i showed up right away i found a boy tied to a table looks like he was left to die by a priest of the 5

took him down to the boat gave him little food and water then left him in the boat to rest
ill go ahead adn finish my job here and come back to him he wont even be able to move for another day

i was heading inland when i eventually came upon the beast of eldrech, it attacked me, showed me horrible images did lightning damage
barely defeated it
afterwards it almost killed me with a death burst of lightning but i channeled it back to the beast

came upon 2 glowing centers that i could use my gem at opened the first one
it contained the grimoire and a compass looks gold
took both items

went to second cache and it contained a helmet dragon design on it

i remember a story the old witch told me once about a man that wore this helmet he was an eldritch knight like me and slew a sea serpent dragon thing the people of the city were grateful and when he died gave him a memorial and thats what this place must be
the heros name was Threx

the helm is bronze, acts like an ion stone for level 1 spells
though its bronze its stronger than steel

took the helm and went back

on the trip back the boy named anthony woke up
he says someone named augustus he is the grand bishop of nothia
anthony had broken in the cathedral of nothis thats why hes out here
anthony was raised on the streets, did gang life, was really poor
he was thinking about stealing from farmers but they were poor like him so he wanted to steal from the cathedral since they were eating extravagant banquets
he was caught
he was then made an example of thats why he got such a horrible punishment

we eventually made it back to fison when we arrived the wizard baalreth was waiting for me
i confronted him and gave him the book when he was preoccupied with it i activated the amulet and attacked him with everything i have. The amulet protected me for 1 round and i was barely able to strike him down in time

in town i found a woman matilda she was able to help me gave us some food, clothes for anthony, and gave us a place to rest for the night with her

DATE May 21st

when i awoke in the morning it seems helena tricked matilda, the woman letting us stay with her into letting helena climb the ladder to the loft

when she came in she stole hte book and left that night it seems, “said it was for a friend of hers”

matilda is letting me stay with her a few days longer since im so wounded

some shorty was catching my eye as i was working in the village to waste time while i take it easy and heal up

she came to talk to me
her name is cassandra
she digs me, im not really into it right now

later guards from the barony i was in before show up looking for me
the villagers are kind of behind me and dont tell them who i am since theres like 8 of them

they left 2 guards here to watch my warhorse and wait for me to show up and collect it
then the rest left

Later that night one of the guards went to rape cassandra i went to stop him he wouldnt give up so i killed him, then the other guard shortly after

drug the bodies to the ocean
going to stay the night here with matilda once more then move on

matilda farks is the mother ive been staying with
sons are jesse and gunther

Matilda gave me a bunch of supplies, some feed for the horse, some infection fighting stuff for my wounds, some honey and dried fruits, some dried fish a decent amount of rations

i worked it out so anthony could stay here with matilda. I am leaving now

DATE May 22nd

Starting to rain when i left Fison.
im heading to veneer

Traveled for 3 days to Veneer, heading there to hopefully get my armor repaired

in Veneer
Went to ghsot goblet and ate food talked to ogden and magda again
walked past the house of the people that were hositng liandra when i was here
I found out that the girl i met at this very bar had been raped and murdered she was found in an alley not to far from here.

Ogden told me of austin the armorer
had him also show me the alley where the woman was found
i found some clues about the man that raped and killed her
as i expceted it was under orders from edwin crisp the priest here

went to meet austin

the lonely bed is the place ive chosen to rest
all i can do is waste tiem for a few days while i wait for my armor to be repaired
while wasting time i will be looking for the girl who introduced me to liandra’s killer

got a room
shaved cleaned up cut my hair
went to eat at ogdens again

ogden told me that at cats paw gambling parlor is where all the trouble in town comes from

Ogden tells me that everyone suspects Grady Cavenaw as being the murderer/rapist of sophia

arrived at cats paw
found cavanaw playing blackjack
convinced cavanaw to help me meet crisp

i met crisp in a warehouse he brought 2 guards with him, i killed him and the 2 guards and the warehouse collapsed

then i saw the rogue that kileld sophia with a whore later, waited until later that night and charmed him then had him follow me to the same alley where sophia was killed

i then told him why im killing him and slit his throat in that alley, then made my way back home

got my armor a little early, went shopping for supplies and food and such

Im going to be leaving tonight i think, heading west

First night Ive arrived at fairwood village
met a carpenter he spoke of the traveling group from Stamfrey
he seems nice, his family seems nice and they fed me, i payed them to let me stay in the barn with my warhorse. I dont feel like this guy is going to turn me

they gave me some bacon stew and bread and cheese.
Father Bruce carpenter
daughter melody 13
mom Gayle
older brother austin
younger brother wilbert or clay
Cave is the family name

melody is very nice she cut my hair and it looks awesome, i let her pet hero

it looks like a preist of the 5 has come to my barn towards the end of the day now
hubert princly is his name, hes chaplin here it seems
he gave me some rations and some decent wine and tried to give me 3 ducats
he seems really nice

He referred me to brent berkwood he is gonna shoe my horse for free it seems
he left

some woman came to the door just leaning on the door smiling at me
name is lilly she about 30 ended up bangin

got my horse cleaned up, they gave me a bunch of shit, whole family is awesome

met the preist he was gonna take me to get my horse shoed
as we were walking there was a boy saying leeland hasnt come back

the boy took us to a family, the family is crying, its the parker family, father is Lyle, mother synthia

the father and the boy went hunting at night and the boy got seperated from his father
the boy is not a newbie so he shouldnt be missing
the father saw some odd footprints while out there

i got the father to take me to the site of the deer being killed
it appears to be a minotaur that took leeland, i dont think he killed him
i sent lyle back home while i went to find the boy

entered what seemed to be a natural forest labrynth
when i came to a cave a minotaur was holding the boy hostage
he let me have the boy but then threatened him and said he would just come get him again after i left so i decided i have to kill him
had the boy leave and attacked the minotaur

kileld the minotaur took some loot from its cave
left the labrynth with the boy and took him home
preist tended to some of my wounds
ended up staying here around a week with the cave family

Im moving on to Nothis now.

Spent a day hunting in nearby wetlands.

Traveled back on the road for another day

Before i could find a place to rest for the night i saw 2 guards fighting with a halfling he has some magic ability because i saw the shield spell i use go off
he knocked the 2 guys unconcious, he seems like a skilled fighter, he could have killed them

a third appeared i took him out before he could kill the halfling
the men wore a tabard of the king himself

Brent Brendal is his name, hes heading towards Nothis.

He seems nice
at one time he was hired as a tutor for the kings daughter
the two of them hit it off it seemed but brent didnt dare tap that
the princess gave him a bracelet
one of her handmaidens told the king that brent had stolen it and blamed him for a previous theft

he was able to escape and had begun just wandering around
he decided hes gonna go back to nothis and maybe talk with the king he loves that city

Talked with brent for a while that night before we camped.

We wake up
DATE JUNE 8TH————————————————————————-

traveled and talked
slept another night
Traveled another night x2
stayed in some barn ownd by a farmer named jed
June 11th

We finally made it to Nothis
Brent is hiding himself fromt he king

Learned some things about the king
King Osten Vymarr The First
Hes a good CK2 player
Keeps the nobles happy, and separated so that they are always more busy with eachother than they are with him
Above average stats

When we entered the city Brent was immediatley arrested
I tried to plea they said talk to the king

entered the city, its the grandest city ive ever seen Huge port city

i was able to quickly get in to see the king
He knows Ive been disinherited
spoke with him, he knows of my crimes
but i shifted a lot of the blame to the preists of the 5 and tried to sensationalize the 5

The king released me from all my crimes and told me he wants me to continue
it seems like hes taking a hit with the priests so he can gain with the barons
jocko busted in and pleaded for my life

the king is pretty nice and hes letting me stay at the palace.
got 2 handmaidens in my room
for the night

woke up the next morning and met brent


brent and i got ready to leave that morning
told brent i want to find jocko and sell my globe
talked to a guard outside the palace
he said that after i left the orcs a long time ago the human armies routed the rest of their army
they charged through the forest killing goblins

something weird though, a lot of bodies were not found even though they would have died in friendly terrain, noone knows why.
one of the trackers says something is happening to the goblins
they say the men were captured and taken to some cave.

also a lot of goblins bodies never showed up
it seems a lot of them escaped through the caves.
when the army chased them in it seemed they disapeerd, there was no other way out but they never found any goblins in the caves

brent sold my stuff

talked with jocko for a while told him the story of the goblin king

went off towards the docks to find brent
found him near a small ship
introduced me to some sailor
brent is telling him were on a quest for the king
captain emik fizzrah
ships name is wayward bitch

we got our mounts stabled

met count olich negran walking by
hes under duke felspear
hes an asshole

went to the ship we took off
talked to the captain during the ride, had to set up for him to pick me back up
he told me about the island
he said there is a small tribe, they arent right in the head, they act very strange
they arent friendly they keep to themselves, they worship the old gods he says
they call thesmelves the children of iksar

the captain dropped us off at the island at night time

June 13th Morning

when i woke up some old lady of the children of iksar was there
she told me to leave
said not to enter holy ruins
i remember my teacher talking about an ancient god iksar
hes an ancient evil god of the sea

we headed for the ruins
i saw the old lady again

all the sudden fish looking men appeared from the sea and attacked us when we were near the beach

The ruins feel like they used to be either underwater or sitting in water, made of coral and oceanic rock
weird shaped rocks, doesnt seem to have been made by humans

we found a black pool that was sentient and tried to enchant brent, i broke it with a protection spell
then the pool tried to enchant me i was able to resist

we found a pillar with a marking on it that matched the map
pulled it out and down below there was a complex, its waist deep in water

in the next chamber a trap went off, the water level started rising and the doors slammed shut, brent was able to reset the trap as i slowed the water by holding the wheel

the next room had a bunch fo human sized canisters lining the wall, theres a door partially open up/down

when brent started fiddling with the door a fishman mummy came out of one of the canisters.

killed 1 mummy, more were coming but brent was able to open the door barely before they got out and got us

the final room had a ladder out and a treasure in the center, we collected and barely made it out before the ladder crumbled

we cleaned all our stuff and started a fire to clean everything

the treasure we found is some cursed device that slowly corrupts people, but i dont know to what ends

we collected our stuff and got ready to camp for the night

June 14th morning

Some voice on the wind thinks I am Thren he thought thren was dead
He identifies himself as Xanasathul

he wants vengeneace. he thinks im thren and thren supposedly tried to kill him
it convinced me to approach the sea

The sea serpent saw me that i wasnt thren but he felt i was either similar enough or had his essence or something and sitll attacked us

we barely made it back inland to get away from the beast, it seems im trapped on the island though, he can sense my presence and will attack if i get near the water.

i went to the village to see if we can learn anything
these people are fucking weird man they talk like murlocs sometimes

some old woman in the village used a magic stone on me to incapacitate me
i was able to break free with a proteciton spell then threw everyone off me
i stole the trident from the leader and left before they could get me and brent

we went to talk with xanasuthu again when he showed he was able to push brent down towards the water, i went after him and threw the trident at the serpent. It had some magic effect that caused it to back off for a while

5 more days passed as we waited for the boat to show up

June 19th
The boat arrived this morning
we ended up throwing the treasure we found off the side of the boat.

that night we pull into Nothis around 1am or later
Jocko was at the docks screaming that he had news

Arrived june 20 in the AM

Jocko was there yelling for me

parted ways with brent, gave him a brass/gem mug and some coin to keep him on his feet before he can get hired by a noble or even the king to tutor again

Jocko’s news 3 things
1 rumor is it (a shitty rumor) somebody is planning to kill the king and my name came up for some reason
2 priest is back in town, Augustus, he got word of the priest being whipped rumor has it he might be sending someone out to bring me in for questioning and it will all be done under the table
3 they say the will of wren is being delivered to nothia to be destroyed
The Will of Wren is a magical greatsword created using the powers of Wren

Jocko wants to get the sword and sell it to the king
I want it for myself nigga

Jocko takes me to quiet lantern inn so i can get a room for the night, hes staying at the castle, i didnt want to intrude

Perry and elaine morgan run the place.
Wake up June 20th

Go to nearby tavern sloppy mug
get some food talk with jocko
jocko hatches plan to have me go to cathedral and talk to augustus confront him in public so that other people see and he cant do anything to me i got diplomatic immunity

June 20th

Jocko and I head for the catherdral to talk to augustus, jocko is gonna sneak in and read the notes hopefully

as jocko splits off and im about to head inside elena shows up and demands i come with her to do something for her

i try to tell her i can leave but she charms me and i wake up 8 hours later but only 1 hour away from town what did I do for the rest of the time?

argue with helena for a bit, she wants me to be at this tavern The bulls horn in Westover
at midnight tonight to meet the female lillian i am to take her to some town a few days away

helena says that someone wants to hurt lillian but helena wants her safe
its my job to take her

im trying to rush back to nothis because jocko has been taken pirsoner during my charm
i want to rescue him and try to get back asap

head to the cathedral in nothis and look for agustus, he isnt at work hes at home, i go to his house nearby

when i went to hsi home agustus is entertaining guests so i need to wait for a bit before he can see me, he was obviously suprised i showed up but when i said i just want to talk he admitted me

I found the papers i was looking for they are on the desk in this room but i was unable to read them before agustus showed up

Spoke with agustus we cant agree

I ended up charming him, found out the sword was here already
had him take me to the sword

i got to look over the sword but was unable to take it
we left the trophy room and went back to his office where he drew up the papers to release jocko

i quickly met jocko outside
followed a man that had a dark prescence to a library
found out he was a vampire
he had bit a woman, i was able to intervene but needed to be saved by helena
she said it was a vampire and to even her they are dangerous

i woke the woman, her name is Dora,
i told jocko and her how to cure her of the curse it would take a few daysbut she should be fine jocko took her home and is going to tend to her

i decided to go after the sword, the will of wren
i drank an invisibility potion and used it to sneak into the grand patriarch Augustus’s house
i was able to steal away the sword and make it back outside. I have to hurry and complete the objective helena has given me since i feel like i owe her since she saved me and jocko

Make it to the bulls horn tavern around midnight a woman in a cowl shows up
When i introduced myself she didnt trust me
then 2 mean came into the tavern they were chasing after lillian
i killed one the other escaped

dora is going to the village of coldgrove in the northwest
Her brother is sending assasins to kill her for some reason
she doesnt know helena or why helena wants to protect her

a “haidmaiden” of dora’s named helena, told her to come to westmore (where i was waiting)
and try to seek an escort

Found the second guy outside the stable bleeding to death
asked him why they were after lillian
he said that her brother says that lillian has forged documents proving that her brother was involved in an assasination plot
thats why he wants to kill her, because she is falsifying him
i let him bleed to death, hes a killer, was going to kill this woman, good enough for me

lillian crendel is her last name
i know of a count crendel, he died recently and the son has taken over.
Erlan crendal is the eldest son hes the one trying to kill her
lillian says her brother pt together a plot to kill duke corrigan
if duke corrigan dies before he can have a child there is a chance that the king will award erlan the duchy of yinis

Lillian has proof that this is whats happening she is going to baron egran of coldgrove.
she says they had grown up together and she thinks she can trust him

lillian was going to send a letter to the duke anonymously and warn him that someone wants him dead
she was found out beforehand and her brother tried to kill her
she says he also wants her dead because she knows he is a homosexual

She is from wyndor village which is nearby yinis the village
Heleeda is the alias helena used when puppetering events with lillian
heleeda told her that lillians great great grandmother was the childhood friend of a great sorceress the two maintained a life long friendship, so it might be that helena was the childhood sorceress and maybe helena has some heart and feels some obligation to keep lillian safe because of her connection

as we were setting up camp i was attacked by a man jumping out of a fucking tree
i think he killed me, ive blacked out after taking 2 critical sneak attacks

Its morning as i come to lillian and i have been taken prisoner im tied up and she is too
lillian is in a nearby cage

augustus shows up
austin is the rogue that attacked me

i am hanging from the cieling, my feet barely cant touch the ground
austin came in to gloat

speaking with augustus he seems to have chilled out since i charmed him
he hates himself for wanting to kill heretics so relentlessly
i dont know if its for self gratification but he wants to let me go

his reasoning is that he wants me to continue saving lives and carrying out justice
even against his priests if they are truely corrupt

we parted…. somewhat amicably

I took lillian and left nothis heading north

Traveled North for a day
Stopped at a homestead owned by the Wickers, Clyve and Marine are the owners

Talked with Lillian for some time that night as the Wickers allowed us to sleep in their barn
they fed us as well since i payed them 3 silver

we laid down to sleep
lillian fell asleep quickly

i was awoken by someone entering the barn, she shone a bright magical light
it seems like another sorceress
Kaleen was the sorceress
Seems like Helena has told her about me, This woman was curious enough that she sought me out
she acts like she just wanted to meet me since helena spoke of me to her
shes upset that im helping helena and not her

she wants me to do her a small favor after ive finished escorting lillian
she tries to seduce me thinking it will make me want to help her more
she left shortly thereafter
it took me a while to fall asleep

I awake to lillian giving me food from the wicker family. We prepare ourselves and continue our journey

we will need to travel through the valen wood today, should only be one day of travel on road through here


JUNE 23rd

We say goodbye to the wicker family and head north

Spoke with Lillian as we walked through the vale woods, hoped we could make it to the other side before nightfall

as we were exiting the woods i started feeling a darkness or a cursed land
something told us to go around

i decided to go to the village anyways, maybe i can help the people here if there is some curse

the hamlet nearby is called Hoppers Meadow
There is a thick nearly unnatural fog in this hamlet
but there is a small inn
everyone in town looks realyl depressed and drained
looks like their just coasting through the motions of life, everyone looks sad
and like they havent been sleeping well

It seems like there are less kids here than there should be
we walk through the hamlet and head to the inn/tavern

crayden owns the inn
he wont tell me what is happening here
during the night i watch lillian sleep, its a fitful sleep not much rest
i hear a woman screaming at night she wants to run into the fog
it seems like something stole her baby int he fog, the family wont let her go after him

i look for crayden he needs to explain everything now
i finally get out of crayden that a few weeks ago the village fell under a curse

a boy named winkley prichard was born here, his father raised him mother died buring birth
the boy ended up growing up and took over the farm and took care of his aunt
the preist here said that he found evidence that winkley was a pedophile
the preist burned him alive at the stake after torturing him
the boy winkley cursed the village as he was burning
a few weeks ago the fog started forming around the village
every time the fog comes it seems that the kids feel something calling to them
just recently the children started disapering

the trail leads to the old farm house the aunt still lives
people have seen and heard prichard voice, he says they will all pay
people have gone after the trail but they never return

the aunts name was dot prichard
she claimed she would curse the village if they didn’t protect winkley

Crayden asked for his son and wife to be brought back

i went to the aunts house she was inside screaming and breaking shit
she said he nephew isback and hes in the cellar.
as i head for the cellar i have a sense of emotion wash over from something killing the innocent children that have all been brough here, its horrible like a blight in the area

in the cellar i found all the corpses of the children in diffrent poses
in the center of the room i found a ghostly monster
there were children clinging to the body it was a ghost of some sort

it was going to kill me and keep killing children, the ghost is winkley
i attacked the ghost but couldnt hurt it
i accidently knocked one fo the childrens corpses over while fighting and it disrupted the monster

so i knocked over more and more until it became vunerable then was able to kill it,
as i struck it the spirits of the children were set free
then the monsters spirit was taken by demons

the old lady came in and attacked me after
i disarmed her and threw her into the hay and held her down while talkin
she said her nephew was innocent and she would revive him again
she implied she used kathagitek an evil god to bring him back
i didnt beleive her that they were innocent, and deemed her evil
and if she would bring them back and have more people killed
so i burned her alive inside the cellar and burnt the whole house down since it was tied to tehcurse, this way there would be nothing bonding winkley to this are so he cant come back

went back into town everyone was hopeful at first i brought their children back
but they knew it was doubtful hope, they were still greatful for lifting the curse
i withdrew to sleep at the inn for the night near lillian, she was resting peacfully now

woke up the next moring

June 24th Morning

Wake up to being shaken awake
Lillian wakes me asks what happened last night, explained as we ate

as we spoke i hear what sounded like a pot being banged outside
some man was proclaiming that he was new in town, hes here and wants everyone to bring their women out for him

they were coming to check the inn just as i finished putting on my armor
i ushered lillian behind the bar and pushed the one man outside with a spell
i told them not to come in, they threatened to burn the inn donw

i killed them all
the second took lillian hostage i said he can go if he leaves him
when he let her go, i killed him
then killed the third man that surrenderd after suffering a mortal wound

lillian was put off about me slaughtering them but shes emotional
she apologized later

i was pretty badly wounded
an old lady from the village
I wake up
JUNE 25th 4 in the morning everyone is asleep
since im up early i went to check over hero to make sure hes ready to go again
at 5am take him for a small walk get him ready
630 am lillian awakes

i had a huge breakfast to make up for not being able to eat last night while under mild hallucinogens to rest better as i healed from my wounds

the villagers gave me 8 days of good rations and some pie
some nice blankets
someone made a dress for lilllian
and some clothes for me

Headed north from Hoppers MEadow towards Mryklewood
We make it to myrklewood without any problems its getting dark when we arrive
its a large town, it feels like this town is packed with people
the entire area surrounding it is farmed heavily could supply this town and part of kingdom

a guard told me of the nicest inn called the myrklewood rest palace
we got a room it was rediculously exspensive 2g for the night for a room for me and lillian

we slept for the night
JUNE 25th

bathed, cleaned up, ate early, got ready to leave and head north

JUNE 25th

We made it out of the inn a little late, its late morning
there are tons of people ehre, more than should be able to sleep, this place is so busy

a bunch of beggers approached me, lillian told me to give them something so i gave each a silv

some soldiers brought by a cage with golbins they were near death
seems like they were captured during the war in the north in the vale
they are being taken to be executed now it seems

we make it to a restaurant, were going to eat hardily before we leave.
we eat a fine meal

some older woman long white hair common dress just stopped by my table and looked at me
she says she knew my mother
this is the woman that helped deliver me, and raised me for a few years
my father got rid of her after my mother died when i was 4
this woman has some knowledge of the old gods, she says its part of the reason she was dismissed after my mothers death

she talked to me about my mother
my mother knew about what i am,. she prayed to the old gods over and over on my behalf since she knew i was blessed by them
this woman confirms the woman ive seen in dreams is my mother

once my mother and father went to wycliffe for a trip when they returned my mother fell ill
somehting happened at count wycliffes, it seems like wycliffe made sexual advances at her
my mother noticed wycliffs wife staring my mother down she might have been poisoned
The womans name is Ida

as i finsihed talking to her a preist and 2 guards came in they took ida saying that she is a witch
i intervened immedaitly

the high preist of mryklewood is ill right now, this man is now in charge in his stead
his name percivle ferguson
he might torture ida to find out what we were talking about

i went to the duke of mryklewood to try to help ida somehow
when i announced myself at the gate and they were quick to see me in
seems mryklewood does want to see me
Duke Owen Vance Mryklewood IV
the only think i can recall about duke mryklewood is that he loves stories of battle/glory/war
ive also gleened that he loves proper procedure

Lillian was led away by some women to freshen up
i was led to a study
i met Duke Owen
hes actually a lush and really friendly

Met Vander, Owens eldest son
Vander asks his father for leave to go see Baron Drewsland
he wants to see if the men are up to standards
owen says vander has spent a lot of teim there, hes put off by that fact
is he interested in the barons sister?
Vander left

Owen is worried his son is just into politics, hes not a great warrior, and hes not too interested in women

his other sons are just as disappointing, he wishes i was his son

I like Owen hes nice, he likes my family, he likes my dad and my mom

when I told owen about it he was quick to get her a prison release
i told him about the preist undermining him he seemed upset

he invited lillian and i to stay and feast with him
hes awesome he let us stay with him

we stayed the night,
trying to broach the subject of me leaving soon

JUNE 26th

JUNE 26th

The duke was very gracious to me and let me leave.

he said he feels like there are dark tidings on the horizon
Manfred gave me and lillian an extra set of the nice clothes so we could take them with us
they let me see teh quartermaster to get some supplies
got some extra things and some food for the journey

Talked with lillian for a while as we rode
We found a place to rest and set up camp

the vampire arrived that night before i was able to rest
he wants me to become a vampire like him he offers me power
i told him no and he threatens me
when i attack he overcomes me immediatly
he said he would take lillian if i wont come willingly

a booming voice appeared and called the vampire by name Antoine De Mussy
then Wolfs Head came out from the mist. He challenged Antoine directly
Wolfs Head preformed a ritual and banished Antoine from the wilds for 1 year 1 day

wolfs head and I spoke for a while, he gave me a flint blade stone handle
he didnt tell me what its for and he left laughing

Woke up the next morning, and Lillian doesnt remember anything
I decided i shouldnt have her worry.

JUNE 27th

We traveled uneventfully for 5 more days

JULY 2nd

Its hot,
We find a old couple that allows us to sleep in their barn
in the small hamlet Varmeer
The old man is Ernest Lowry farm

JULY 3rd

The farmer came out and told me that there is a man armored and armed outside the hamlet pacing back and forth

i agreed to go see what hes doing
he introduces himself as FEnren
he looks like a half orc, wears black leather, has 2 short swords on his back
he seems pretty decently educated
he wanted to come here to find some shelter and food
he seems to just be 1/4 orc actually and he is out wandering the world alone
now that his mother has died

we went into the hamlet and found him a place to sleep
Fenren went to warn the baron of cold ridge of goblin footprints and giant footprints
but the guards shot at him and didnt let him out

Saw a figure that i thought was looking at me so i confronted him
he seems off to me but i dont have anything on him

i decided to pull an all nighter because that guy put me off, it was a good idea because he showed up in the night, i was able to disarm and knock him unconcious

took coin pouch poisoned dagger and a satchel, has a healing pot soem cards n dice n shit
his neck had a tattoo 2 wavy lines with triangles
I woke him up and walked him into the woods nearby
asked a few questions, he swears up and down that lillian is the bad one not her brother
i dont beleive him, and hes an assasin, i killed him with his own poisoned dagger
dragged him out into the woods
and went back to lillian

We slept for the night, we should make it to Coldgrove today.
They brought us out some breakfast

JULY 4th

count Noren Endelvain is the count over ColdGrove barony
they say he holds orgies tot he old gods, hes a vile hedonistic man

Braon Hubert ERin Wyndor is Lillian’s second cousin, the baron of coldgrove

Her brother is Renald Wyndor

We arrive at coldgrove and its under attack by a giant and goblins

the giant is trying to slam down the door of the keep

I entered the town and tried to put lillian in a house for safety
but we were attacked by multiple goblins

i put lillian in a house and went to confront the giant

when i arrived the goblins were shaken by my presence it seems like they remember me from killing their goblin king

so i took the intiative and announced myself loudly trying to put fear into them,
claimed im stenek of redwood eldritch knight and i killed their king

the giant came up to me and we fought infront of the siege, i took a mighty blow but after i slew the giant the goblins immediatly broke. the people form the fort spilled out and ran them down afterwards

i ran down to find lillian asap and made sure she was safe
the rest is a bit of a blur i was taken into the keep
i was bandaged heard people cheering me
all a blur

I awoke in a room with a healer some men and women and lillian
i was out for 2 days


baron coldgrove he called me hero of coldgrove
everyone left and a man named lawrence was there he healed me
he is a follower of mithras he brewed a magical potion that painfully healed me

lawrence shrine he is a friend of the late barons father
family physician
he healed me, i took a bath, he gave me a dope massage, got some rest

lillian came in and cried about me not being able to stay
hes upset about the five making the old ways pass
he thinks the land used to be beautiful and they are fucking everything up

I wake up in the middle of the night and kaleen is there
she is ready for me to come with her i told her i need another day
she wants me to collect a necklace for her
in exchange i want her to help me figure out a way to kill Antoine De Mussey

I layed down to sleep for another night

JUNE 7th

JUNE 7th

Awake that morning the count is gracious for me saving them.

the feast was ok, met helena during the night she promsied to make sure that lillian is safe and happy

i dont like the baron hes going to be marrying lillian but maybe helena will do something about it

i leave

see kaleen waiting for me
she is going to tell me about
going on a long journey to get her a jewel in a necklace
its called the premirose jewel
in return she is supposed to help me find out how to kill Antoine De Mussey,

this takes place just outside of ColdGrove
On June 7th

June 7th

Kaleen and I talk about the upcoming adventure.
Kaleen points out a small island north of the hamlet Isenfel
ISenfel is far in the north eastern parts of the Nothain Kingdom

The island is known as Amarat island (isle of seven curses)
it might be tough to get a boat there, I might have to travel to Cheross to find a ride
Kaleen says go there, once I get there, there isnt much remaining of the ruins there.

Its supposed to have once been a magnificent place made of purple stone.
The island is devoid of life for the most part, nothing edible at least.

The jewel Primirose, is said to be hidden somewhere in the ruins.
An adventuer named Ogar Strison had located the jewel, and he set it into a necklace.
He was planning on giving it to someone he cared for, for some reason he hid it on the island to protect it i guess?
legend says he hid it somewhere, after hiding it he was confronted by a horrible beast
the beast was wounded, but ogar ran, he told his tale to a preist in isenfel before expiring.
he was unable to recover from a wound taken, and he died 2 days later from a fever

he said the creature was a thing of nightmares, its fear and hate and evil incarnate.
its ancient.

There is a small unkown thorp on the way to isenfel, its said they are worshippers of the old gods, they dont tolerate the new gods there. known as hyenth, stern people.

She also gave me some information about Lake Glencowl, a city nearby the eastern edge of the giant lake glencowl.
The earl of glencowl, is not a bad man she says i might have some things in common with him.
Lester Macroix is the earl of glenncowl.

There are said to be pirates nearby the island and i should be on my guard.

Spoke with Kaleen again about her end of the bargain and she says she will help,
Kaleen heads off and sends me on my way

June 7th I start traveling east, first towards deadwood.

Camp that night, wake in the morning hear a man in distress nearby
go to him his name is cliff he took an arrow to the leg, he claims he was accosted by bandits
i dont beleive him but i dont care to get involved
end up just moving on my way after the ordeal.

I end up in Dells Lake a small hamlet near wycliff
try to find a place to stay the night
Mavins place is the name of the tavern

Tall, attractive, healthy woman reddish hair shes the owner of theplace i think
older teen boy comesover in apron to take my order

Mavin gave me a place to stay just outside.
Father Lantern came in hes a preist of the 5 he asks me to come see him later

when i exited the tavern i see an old man in feathered hides looking at the bar and me frowning. I head out to check out the sleeping place that mavin gave me
Gregory helped me with my horse, when i asked him about the preist, he broke down crying, i couldnt get much information out of him

went to talk to mavin about it she says that gregory got drunk and made up lies about the priest. noone wants to tell me what he said. but gregory was punished for it
the priest says the demons or devils made him do it

Im worried about the kids mental health, he shows back up and i leave, i hear a screma nd go back in the boy has killed himself hes clutching symbols and had burnt symbols into his arms.

i went to talk to latern he doest admit anything, he makes me sick just talking to him, this guy had some doing in fucking the kids mind up. The whole situation sits badly with me so i end up leaving, id love to punish this guy for what i think hes done but i cant bring myself to do it.

Edwin and Bareen Colt are the family i end up staying with at their farm just outside of town.
I heard the family muttering about some problem they have

Wake up June 9th

June 9th

Wake up in the Colt Familys house.

They feed me, talk at the table for a while
the father tells me his middle son saw some man that passewd by the fence, the man said “forget i was here or i will kill you and burn down your house”
the boy tells me that the man had a boy of 10-12 with him the last time he saw him
Both times he saw the man he was heading into town,
blond blue eyed boy red cheeks fair skinned
2 weeks ago into town with the boy
5 days later alone in to town
1 day ago into town

Tell the family I will help how I can
Head back towards the town.

I see everyone preforming a burial for the boy
I wait outside the funeral until the priest is alone and talk to him
ask him about the boy and the man he acts like he doesnt know anything i dont beleive it
i leave him but follow him he heads to cathedral

i find him downstairs, it almost looks like a child brainwashing station, little chair with straps and little bed locked away down here

i take the preist and forcefully drag him upstairs with his own whip
i whip him infront of the townspeople and force him to confess
as i am beating him i am attacked, mavin calls out to me and i block the attack
a fight ensues between me and the scarred man that brought the young boy here
i kill the man as he tries to escape through a smokebomb
i cant speak with the townpeople much less mavin because i coudltns ave gregory
so i mount up and leave.

June 10th

I travel for the day make my way near redwood, i dont want to enter it and face old memories
I make camp in old thunderbrook cave, its where Hyleen my old cleric tutor, taught me a lot
about being an eldritch knight.

I have a dream about Hyleen, had a troubled sleep

Wake up
June 11th

Come upon Wynthorp after another day of traveling.
ITs a large village, there are noticeably more women than men like 5 to 1
theres a small island off the coast, within the lake glenncowl
fog obscures most of my vision right now though, it is thick
there are standing stones on the island and no building afaik

As i approached a woman named Erma stood up as the leader of the village
shes a hardened looking woman
She knows my name, but seems like she is willing to let me stay here
cant tell if she likes me or not based off of what she knows about me.

She introduces me to Neal a guy that owns the tavern, hes letting me stay the night here
taking care of the mount in the barn out back

Erma talks to me for a bit she says theres something her people need help with
she says ill do fine for her purpose, but says she will talk to me about it tomorrow.

as im takin down to sleep, i realize ive been drugged, i black out
they plan to sacrifice me to the old gods in the morning.

June 12th Wake up same room go upstairs and find out the town has been burnt to the ground by goblins,

Its actually June 13th thats why im thirsty and starved.
I see that hte only building still standing is the shrine to the old gods
When i get there i hear people speaking, its a man and a goblin
they made a bargain
the human male voice asked them to kill the people here
and the human is to pay them back somehow the goblin keeps saiyng you keep up your end of the bargain

I hear them start coming out of the building
The goblin is well equipped probabley the leader of the raiding party that did this
I killed the goblin as they exited and wanted to talk to the man

its a priest of the 5 i tell him im going to kill him
he tries to tlak to me about how hes doing the kingdom a favor
he says he is killing heretics and causing the people to unite against goblins
gain war fevor i guess
i tell him im going to kill him no matter what he says, and he reveals him selmf
as some sort of demon or devil, i semll brimstone
then he disappers

i leave the temple after checking it out a bit
find a group of goblins trying to launch a boat at the shore
i start the attack.

June 13th

I press my attack
Able to slay 8 goblins but ive suffered a nasty stomach wound, theres poison too
i think im fighting it off but i feel weak, i stop to camp and preform first aid
camp a bit early tonight to rest n such

June 14th

Most of the poison has passed, i wake up feeling a bit better
Travel for the better part of the day
Make my way to Roxic a small fishing village here on the lake
Gordon Bartlit is a guy I talk to to buy some fish from

Talk with him a bit, the family invites me in to eat
he ends up inviting me to stay with him tonight
He tells me about a man with a tatood face that showed up in the village
he fell into a coma after a fever
he wields weird monk weapons

He also told me about some creature that came with a mist on the water
it imitated a baby crying, drew a guy in, and killled him
some say it comes from the cursed cave nearby

THe monk is staying at Ms Ambergrey, her husband was the one died
I talk to ms ambergrey, she tells me of the man
i find out that theres some magical effect on the sleeping man
ambergrey tells me there is a wizard 20ish miles south of here in a swamp
Called Dagons swamp.

Leric is a preist of the 5 here in town.
Spend some more time bullshitting then set to bed.

June 15th

Wake up get my horse ready, the wife tries to seduce me i leave
give them a jewel for their daughters dowery

Talked to father leric outside as well
get ready to leave for the swamp to see if i can help the man.

June 15th

Traveling through swamp. See a monster that asks me for food. HE was super hungry, and gave me information as i fed him.

Iskar tells me he knows how to get to the wizard for some food
as we walk and talk i learn about iskana his mate but she hates him now
because he didnt give her the best food
so i tell him we will give her some of my human food in return for him helping me
find the wizard

so we travel tot eh wizards place, hes on an island in the swamp.
iskar offers to push me on a log so i dont get soaked in the shitty water
on the island is a crystal tower
with really nice garden and plants and rabbits n such

as i approach i see a man out front,
he identifies himself as the wizards son
he talks to me for some time trying to learn about it.
The boys name is argen, his line of questioning starts to freak me out
i dont know if he just wants a friend or is just weird or what

the wizard Dagon comes to talk now
HE says he will cure the man if i kill the creature and bring its heart to him
i agree,
Dagon gives me an amulet that will protect me from the curse of the monster somewhat

His son argen might just be childish
i think hes autistic

i hang with argen for a while then get to bed
Will wake up June 16th

June 16th

Wake up feeling pretty nice
the magic of the place is effecting me im healed of my wounds,
i am without aches or sores.
my clothing is even magically cleaned, looks like the day it was made.

Talk to wizard
He says I should have some insight once i enter the effected curse site
He blatantly lies to my face about his intentions with the heart
tries to piss me off by talking about the death of liandra

Talk with Iksar again.
He says i can help him after i solve the wizards problem.

I see a portal opened up by the wizard it takes me outside of the swamp.
I go to the village to check on the monk guy

His name is Samok he seems healed.
HE is a traveler, a monk.

HE wants to help me repay the debt to the wizard so hes coming
finding out hes probably looking for the jewel i am
i don’t tell him im looking for it
his reasons seem better than mine tho, IE it was stole from his temple.

he tells me of when the thing attacked him
he says its evil, delights in pain agony and torment.

i told samok to stay behind as we got to the cave because i have protection
he agrees
i enter and the monster asks me why im here, i ignore him

i see bearded men talking in a vision
old gods abandoned them, the men used this powerful cave and summoned something
they are afraid of it but think they can trap it and trick it

have a confrontation with the monster, it fucks with my mind
after that i see a vision of people talking about the slab its the key to locking the beast away

I use the ritual on the slab to draw the creature out. Im unable to preform the proper rotual to banish it away.

I fight the beast and destroy it i am greviously wounded
i fall unconcious as i try to collect the heart.

I awaken later that night.
the wounds are bad like necrotic damage its horrible, im sick

Waking up
June 17th
Feeling a bit better but it still bad.

The towns people are riled about seems iskar came here to be near me and the people want to band together to kill him
I tell them to calm down and go talk to iksar.

See a group of men and a preist came up on the road
Captain Darius Lecone is captin for earl of glencowl
Bishop Jessman alexander.

they want to take iksar to the city but i know that means he will be dead
i convince the captain to nto take him on my honor
he allows it since i have somewhat of a rep

I tell iksar to leave for the swamp ill coem find him tomorrow.

Juune 17th

Waking up at Ms Ambergreys after resting well
feeling pretty healed up after my fight
The monk samok left, after repaying me by dragging me back to town after my fight with the monster

Hear talking from downstairs. The man she is talking is a “Prelit” its odd because its a term from the old gods for a cleric.

He is pressuring ehr to take a more active roll in the activities of the new gods here.
because of her ability to brew extracts n such here she is seen as an old god sympathizer

Father Belk is his name.
Ms Ambergrey pushed him out eventually after he was being an ass

Then 2 men showed up.
One took ms ambergrey hostage
Jocko busts in and distracts them and takes out one dude

i slice off the others head the guards come pick em up
These dudes were here hired by that shithead priest that was with the glencowl guard

i take the heart to the wizard hes OK with it
i take iksar to iksana, give her some of my food to convince them to love eachother
iksar tells me of a skeleton nearby as payment

i find a skeleton with a mongoose ring
See a flashback of the man and his son dieing to a monster in this swamp

we decide to leave quickly after i take the ring, its magical makes you speed up

We head out and camp for the night
June 18th

Wake up and travel for another day

June 19th Mid day

Mid day we come upon another village, were nearing Glencowl
This village is Licarus

The guards didnt like me it seems but they let me in
The largest building here is a huge church of the five

Went to the inn got us rooms for the night
went to the tavern got us some food
the barmaid hit on me
jocko went to play music for the tavern

Went to bed that night at the tavern
woke up at sunrise

June 20th

Father beekin came back the next day to apologize to me about being an ass to me the night before

the night before i also beat some dude that spilled my soup on purpose, and told me to elave so i punched him, he blacked out and left

Father Beekin wants my help doing something.
He says there was a convoy coming here from Gencowl
It was ambushed by bandits and they took the orphan children that were on the way to be taken care of at this

South of this town there is a place called Rigby, about a day away along the edge of the lake
Father dillan was an older priest that was in the convoy he was bringing the kids
4 boys 4 girls
+ a few guards hired by Father Dillan

The people in rigby worship the old gods, they dont like the 5 or the preists.

Talk with Jocko for a bit and we start to head off towards Rigby

June 20th

Me and Jocko head out towards rigby its about a day away.

WArm sunny day

As we were beading down for the night
I had some sort of vision of a small hamlet ive never seen before

Large verweight man in overalls Jocko is talking to him
Jocko rides back to a figure on a horse(might be me?)

some man approaches the camp named Travor
I can sense his aura though hes a werewolf
He makes a mistake of showing me his back because he doesnt know i can sense him

as jocko is talking to him and he is distracted I lopped off his head from behind

He had some random crap on him

Buried the body in a ritualistic fashion
so we can come back to the body and harvest a fungus that could grow on this body
and we could collect it
it could cure someone of lycanthropy

June 21st
Eat some rations
Cloudy day

We make it to Rigby and head towards the center of the hamlet
I saw jocko talking to the man in my dream, its all playing out the same

Lowell is the mans name.
Lowell Mcbride

I stop him before he gets to his cellar and start going down it myself
Found nothing

Noone in this town is telling me shit

Talked with Dirk and some old lady
noone is telling me shit

Found a man downstairs the second time in a barrell
His name is cooper or so he says

Alkir ruins further east is where the bandits stay
dudes name is actually bradley, hes there son he left the bandit group

He tells me where they are, there are 12 bandits there

I make my way to Glencowl hopefully i can find help to take care of the bandits

I am let in to see the earl
I see Lester Macroix, the earl of glencowl at the table
He is with a plump woman.
He seems nice so far
lets me sit witht he family to eat
sons aged 14 12
daughter aged 16 13 11

Start talking with the earl
He agress to give me 20 men to handle the situation
He tells me there is a way i can repay him when its done he will talk about it

I retire that night
Around 2am i hear a knocking on the balcony window
Its the daughter she attempts to seduce me I refuse
she heads back to her room

June 22nd

Night of June 21st a person came into my room
i hovered above my bed
It looks like antoine has finnaly caught up to me
hes paralyzed me in the bed
It was a dream

Wake up June 22nd morning
to servatns knocking
i get myself ready

Darius LEcone shows up hes the captain thats gonna be helping with handling the bandits
We are introdced
see him before on the road

talk with the earl for a bit before i head out

Meet with Darius.
We head to the bandit camp and take them out
i end up telling them to hang the survivoring men because they had a chance to leave
but decided not to, i remember the boy that did leave

the orphans and coin are being delivered to the lycaris preist
the women and childrne survivors of the camp are being let free
escorted to lycaris if they wish

darius and i gather the wounded and head back to glencowl
its time for me to see what the earl wants with me

Thaddius is the name of the court chaplain that is
in cahoots with the preist jessman alexander
jessman si the priest i met with darius a while ago,
jessman also hired some thugs to take me away but he underestimated me
Jessman and thaddius have already started speaking in the earls ear Leser

another counciler that darius tells me about is Cravit sneedling
he says he is good with potions, some spells n such
he says he doesnt trust him for some reason, because hes a covert sneaky guy

We are heading back to The city of Glencowl

June 22nd

As we traveled back to Glencowl saw a merchant and some of his guards with some stuff bearing the kingdom Khem

Khem used to be a old gods society but is now known as the introducer of the five
They have an ancient culture
a heirophant showed up a time ago and drove away a great amount of evil
and ushered in a new era of the five
known as the great prophet or the first preist
Its said tht when the Nothians were tribal they were seafaring civilized
Khemish people are sshrewd merchants, supposedly them that civilized a lot of cultures
Some are hedonistic and corrupt
Tamir and Kamir are large cities within Khem

Pass by the merchant with a hello
report to the earl

tells me of a small thorp called Klavin just south east of Glencowl
only ~150 people live there if that

Theres an individual there by the name of Troy Gergan
Earl wants him dead
Lester (the earl) thinks that troy fucked his daughter and it pisses him off
he offers me land
It stinks why ask me to do something shady like this

talk with jocko about the situatiuon for a bit
head back to keep to sleep and soem dude approaches me
its sneedling

Tells me that the earl owes the 5 a lot of money
so they got to appoint the court chaplain
now they have his ear and tell him to do shady shit he normally woudlnt
they tell the earl to go after some gold, lie and say its cultists, its actually
the nothian league of merchants, a widespread theives guild

So the earl has found out that he accidently stole the money from the theives
This dude that the earl wants me to kill is part of the theives guild and he knows that it was the earl that stole the gold
the earl wants him dead before he is able to tell the rest of the theives guild

June 23rd

Wake up first light
I end up telling the earl i will help him
i plan on just telling the dude to get out of dodge
I leave with Jocko

We split up after talking for abit
hes heading to VEneer will be for atleast a month during the festivities

Head into Klavin
find an older man he tells me how to find Troy
some old lady says some cray shit about me being the sword of wren

Saw a man with 2 swords speaking with Troy
We ended up fighting becausei told him to move along
hes here for the same reasons as me
I beat him, made him surrender then tld him to leave and kept his swords

went to trevors to speak with him
i tried to convince him to get out of dodge
some dude showed up and wanted me to give up troy
he was with the swords guy from before
i told him to fuck off
talked to troy a bit more and the house was barred and they lit it on fire
come outside and find out they killed my fucking horse
and took all my shit, im pretty pissed off for that one.

told troy ill take him with me to protect him for some time,
but hes not gonna be a burden on me i got other shit to deal iwht
and eventually hes gonna figure something out for himself

June 23rd

June 23rd
leaving the village with Troy

Troy tells me of a small village nearby named Milo
we can go there because i think if they chase us they will think i headed to glencowl

wolfs head shows up during the walk
he gives me a moose, named antlers
and somemeat and supplies
thank him he says the guts told him to do it

go with troy towards milo
Troy says he knows a family ehre
brecker family
he tries to ask if we can stay

talk witht he family they let me stay
feed me and such
i get a feeling about the well

kid is about to fall into it, so i break it
the man tryo is caught at night stealing a chicken,
i tellh im im gonna dump him off
hes goes o the village finds work so i can leave him

moving on northeast

June 24th

LEave Milo heading towards Hyenth

Find a road leading directly to Cheross

I’ll be passing through another large city, by the name of Verok its sits on the edge of Verok lake

June 26th
i traveled for 2 days, night of the second day i arrive at the city.
Feystopp is a inn ive found in Verok
Veroks an older town its close to the twilight vale

Iric of Gilgaar i met inside the tavern as we eat.
Grutch is his war dog, armored n shit
iric likes killing goblins thats why hes in this neck of the woods

talk with him for a while we have fun chatting getting drunk
arlarial shows back up and i speak with her for a moment
then a priest shows up he wants me to defend him because he wants to preach
about the new gods and this town he feels unsafe in becuase they are prone to old gods

see some guys outside the dwarfs room they are plotting to kill him
i see one of them is the guard from the inn earlier
i go to bed ill tel him about it in the morningbecause they head off

talk with Iric that morning

June 25th

Eat with Iric in the tavern that morning
Iric says there is going to be a magic casting goblin at some location
In the twilight vale to the northwest small gathering of goblins
he wants to go out and murder them all hes got some fucking bloodlust bro

he wants me to help him and he will help me.
i agree.

So its 2 days or so Northwest in the twilight vale a gathering of goblins
and there will be a mage there. he wants to kill them all.

June 25th is the day.

June 25th

Before we leave some boy comes to us asks for help finding his cousin
he disappeared from his home village lumly, its a short walk northwest.

went missing 5 days ago
missing boy is named Rudolph Wheeler
this man asked questions in lumly 3 days ago
rudolph is a miner rudolph went to the mines to deliver a message
that their mother is sick
rudolph leaves house at 8-9am and noone ever sees him again
June 20th is the day he went missing

THeres a group of men, that work for the duke of verok in lumly
they are there guarding and scouting keeping an eye out for goblins

made it to Lumley later that day
Talk to a woman in town
she tells me where wheeler house is
she tells me rudolph was part of some program to send a kid to the king
the king might take him on as an advisor because hes smart
Soem boy named ethan gets to go now since rudolph is misisng

some man named old jakes says he saw him at edge of village

I feel a magic trail where rudolph went missing
follow it
meet lauren at a thicket, talk with her a bit everything is off
she ends up being an illusion
Behind it is Hope a dryad,
she confirms she has rudolph and is holding him
she ends up being nice and giving him to us

we walk him back to town
as were talking to the mom and some townspeople a dude shows up
lt calvin breast
he talked some shit so i talked back and we started a fight
iric held off the other two guys while i fought him

knocked him down but didnt want to fight the other 12 men he had int he garrison
so i let his other 2 dudes take em back

une 25th

Erik and I head to a logging camp a little further into the woods.

We set up and the loggers let us camp for the night, they let us eat some of their food, seem alright, except for one guy he stares at me asks me questions about myself weird shit like whats my height and shoe size

they tell me of a group of kids Stiletto and the sons of order are a small bandit crew trying to extort these guys, nothing has happened yet but he doesnt want it to come to a fight

I tell him i can cehck it out as we come back from handling Eriks mission

Go to sleep that night

KAleen wakes me that night she is upset im delaying my trip across the water to amarat isle
she thinks I am afraid of Xanasathul, she took that information from my head earlier prolly while i was asleep, that kind of ticks me off,
I make a pass at her, it doesnt entirely work,
she makes a charm at me, it doesnt entirely work, she berates me and leaves

I go back to sleep

Wake up June 26th
Eric and I head into the woods, after a few hours travel we come across some foragers, but teh fight we thought was going to be quick turns out to be some sort fo ambush there is a bunch more goblins, around 15, a ogre, and a shaman goblin

We kill most and the ogre, the Shaman goblin Stanjin escapes though via some flying bat
Eric is badly burned by him

I help Eric luckily he isnt going to die but his beard is gone and hes burnt badly
We trudge back to town eric is ssleeping on his ride because of the drugs and alhchohl keeping the pain, plus all the weird shit form the healing herbs

There is a man tied spread eagle in the field outside the logging camp,
The wizard Dillan tells me he is odd before he disapeers

i check out the guy after he leaves he has a type 2 black cat
means his opponents are unlucky

i head back to the loggers they took eric to an infmary there is a woman standing outside of the infirmary a physician of some sort

Evening of June 26th

Evening June 26th

Woman outfront of the Infirmary is named Mia she asks me if i Know erik
We talk
She is taking care of Erik in her infirmary
This place is small, 1 otehr woman and Mia are takign care of 2 other wounded
prolly wood workers

Notice a out of place guy in here
2 swords, hood up, arms crossed.
seems he was invisible to anyone else in the room
He notices that I noticed him and headed out back

when i get outnside hes gone, but i end up seeing him up on the building
I tell him to come down and talk to me
we talk he says there is someone inthis camp that he thinks is dangerous.
he said hes walking abound invisible scoping the joint out
Hes looking for a fugitive.

He is known as a Helcar, a hunter for the church of the Five,
Helcars are known to hunt down enemies of the church
its straddeling the legal liens here a bit
the nothian king isnt fond of them but they act a bit on their own, a bit with the kings regard

He says someone named Kirk Venegeer is hiding in this camp
he says someone knows soemthing and he is trying to find them

He said hes going to hunt this guy down because he has some sort of powers provided by the old gods, and he is going to hunt him down and bring him back for judgement

He wants my help, I nicely tell him to piss off

That night I talk with Courtney, ask her about Kirk VEnegeer, she tells me she knows something and will meet me late tonight to discuss outside the infirmary

That night I saw someone at the window they walked away from the window back to a tent

I fell asleep

Around Midnight June 26th

I wake up weird feeling
Notice some magic aura in ERics water, someone messed with his drink

I head otuside after pouring out the water so noone will drink it
I see a candle light so I head towards it to check it out thinking its courtney signaling
it ends up being 2 of the order kids from that shitty badnit crew
they are going to burn this place to send a message

I tackle one and tie him to the tree in the center of camp

Go back and meet with Courtney She takes me to kirk
hes hiding in a dug out cellar nearby

I talk with him a bit but find out he has a symbol to Kathagitek
I talk with him a bit more and decide to kill him since hes prolly eveil
he claims to have attempted to poison the well
and tried to poison eric

So I Killed that dude
Burnt his little basement down

Went back to Mia

I got jumped by some dudes
it was mia cousin that weirdo that was checking out my feet
she says she will tlak to him, I wont kill the guy as a favor to her

Go to bed for the night

Wake up June 27th

Find out formt he girls through some talking that they are harrassed here
its only them 2 and like 50 guys so alot of the men have had their way with them and there isnt shit they can do about it since they are alone outhere

I tell them i will escort them out whereever they want
the men get a bit riled up since its the only 2 women leaving a few try to fist fight with me
so i beat their asses

get the girls readyt and we start to head off mid day June 27th

June 27th

Walking with Mia, Courtney and Iric back towards Verok
We made a camp for the night because we werent going to be able to make it.

That night while preparing camp i get a odd feeling and i can sense someone observing me from a distance at a tree line nearby

I tried to find the figure or person but found nothing at the sight i sensed them at
i follow a feeling i get and it leads me to a hut in the forest,
very weird, theyve mutilated a corpse of a deer here and stuck it to a tree

i call into the hut and a older woman comes out in rags
she doesnt seem like the one i sensed at the tree line
she says her sons name is Loric
he is the one that was watching us

she tries to shoo me off but someone is telling her to invite me in
then she tries to invite my whole camp over
i ask for the boy to come outside
he looks oddd hair cut is really fucked up and random, has multiple physical deformaties
He seems nice so far
pretty fucked up dude though doesnt do anything immoral as far as i can tell
besides multiating a deer corpse to scare some dudes coming out to maybe hurt them

Talk and drink a bit of wine with him for a while feel some pity for him
so i spend a bit of time talking to him

I leave them after some chatting the loric freaks me out hes fucking weird

I get back and talk with iric then head off to bed he says he will take the first watch
I wake up by myself, Iric has fucked up the watch hes asleep standing up
courntey is missing
actually iric was the victim of some magic

I take off to find out where she is
She wasnt taken by loric and his mother
I feel an aura of dark magic

It ends up leading back to the witch im inspecting her pot when she jumps out and attacks me
the fight begins, i destroy her cauldron and then her staff and she melts away suprisingly
her son loric runs out screaming and attacks me i knock his weapon out then go inside to find courtney

what i find is a scene that makes me think loric has raped courtney
so i walk back outside and demand he tell me where she is
he doesnt tell me so i start beating him
eventually he tells me, after he does i execute him
i get courtney then burn down the hut and head back to iric and mia

We take some more rest for the day then get ready to head off to Verok in the afternoon

June 28th

Midday arrive in Verok
Pretty quickly tell everyone goodbye
Iric is gonna stay with mia and Courtney for a while They will nurse him back to health
should be about a month before he is fully healed
he says if i dont somehow tell him I am ok he will come north after me

June 28th

Say goodbye and begin heading north
Make my way to a fork in the road now to decide do i go to hyenth then isanfel
or directly to cheross

HEad towards Hyenth,see a few hamlets n thorps on my way to Hyenth
I see a dude in a bird cage for people hanging from a tree
Hes yells towards me

Ssays the baron of stamfrey had him arrested.
The baron was visiting Verok and this guy says he stole frim him
so as punishment he was put out ehre on the barons way back home.
The baron of stamfrey also owns Grimwood.
Count of Stamfrey/Grimwood Olerich Vayin

This theifs name is Bryn i end up busting him out
feed him a bit and we talk for a while

Bryn tells me about a cave northwest of Hyenth
along the coast theres a cave where something has collected treasure
a beast of some sort
can only acccess when the tide is out
He says its an ancient beast may be the spawn of the thing that was at eldretch isles

Bryn tell me of Snyd, Able Synd he hangs out at the dragonhide tavern in Cheross
he is supposed to be a capable guy because Bryn wants his help to take care of the beast
Hes trying to convince me to help kill it

when I make it to Hyenth I hear a priest talking in the center of the group
theres a shitload of people.

The preist in the center is about to judgea priest of the 5 that came here to try to convert these people
There is a council that talks they deiced to just banish the priest of the 5
he is sent away immediatley

I try to get to the elder so I can talk
He tells me to move on I just want shelter and food and supplies
some crazy lady had a crazy reaction to me and she determines im not lying somehow

The priest asks me if i beleive in the old gods
I tell him i believe they do exist. dont tell him I hate them

he says im welcome in his home

he feeds up and tells us where to sleep

his name is abarham kindle the elder speaker of the elder gods here

That night Antoine De mussey showed up at the door and tried to get invited in but we wouldnt let him
then Abrahama attacked him and expelled him fromt he area then put up protection against him in this area
using garlic and other stuff.

The next Morning June 29th
When we awake there are people coming into the village
its men from the duchy of verok
they are here to level the village and kill some people because they are heathens
the captain is taking bribes from the 5 and is going to kill everyone here
Captain Bejamin Darcey
and the priest that going along with it happily is Diedtric Bradley.

I have to watch this salughter, Im not going to be able to save anyone, trying to stop this would simply result in my own death, Im only one man against the captain and his 10 seasonsed riders alone could kill me plus 30 foot soldiers.

I concinve the captain that I wont tell on him he bribes me I pretend to accept
tell him I am taking brynn to be offed at some point
they end up beleiveing my shit show because its sounding likle the missiuon he really had me do

Start heading north as everyone dies its fucking horrible,
heading to Isenfel

Around night come up hamlet Gleese

June 29th Night time
Coming upon the Hamnlet of Gleece
Bryn and i head towards a small place
The family allows us to stay in the barn and gives us some food i pay them kindly

While eating in the barn kaleen showed up, made bryn go to sleep and we talked

she starts seducing again it isnt working
i ask her about the beast on amarat isle
its from a time before humans
it thrived and lay dormant during different periods.
the beast is intelligent but not as cunning as it thinks itsself,
its arrogant, loves to be praised for its ferocity and evilness
pleading may buy time if things get bad

We talk a bit more and she leaves

Wake up June 30th
Talk with the man of the family. Tells me of the beast of Klesp Trail
klesp bluffs i should be very wary
he says the beast has taken people over time
Able to get 2 days of dried rations of fish
i give them to Bryn
Bryn heads off on his own way we sayh goodbye

a rider from hyenth one of the dudes that leveld the place shows up and tells the people
that it was goblins that destroyed the town, he stares me down

I move on, around night time im finding myself near the bluffs so i back up
and make a camp
as im setting up a woman named Daleen shows up she offers to let me come stay at her house nearby
i know its pretty weird but its interesting so i decide to go with her
she lives alone, interested to see if this really isnt a lie
She realyl does have a place out here

We talk for a bit
she says he father and grapnda build this place
shes alone now her family were killed by knights and they spent everything tracking those guys down, her father came back home with another woman and kicked everyone else out
everyone else eventually died out or left so shes alone

she talks about nera maybe bringing me its freaking me out
but fuck nera she dont control shit so i go in
its all pretty cool she lets me have a bath and feeds me
as were eating i get an odd feeling
its the rider from before he watching the house tracked me here

i go outside and talk to him but he takes off
i get the moose and chase end up tracking him his horse is tired and hes bout to set up camp
come upon him and talk for a bit tell him im going to kill him
he took part in killing the innocent villagers
also killing him ensures daleens safety
this guy might tell his captain about her and teh captain is a psycho i dunno what he would do with that information,
also daleen said that maybe nera brought her to me, i know tis irrational
but it freaked me out because i feel like when thats said someone ends upp dieng
feels like the only fate i bring is death

i kill him and look throuigh his stuff
2 silver 10 copper 4 days good rations canteen nice one
Took his stuff and his mount rolled him in a ditch thenran back
on the way back see a wolf its arm is stuck so i cut it lose then tell it to head back ot its freinds

go back to DAleen she feeds me
We talk about the beast of the bluffs its actually a drow female and her male companions
they come up every so often and collect male human specifmens for some reason
Sinola is the drow females name, it seems like a death sentence nearly if i am caught
i sleep

July 1st
Wake up scratching at the door
its the wolf from before
very odd that it followed me
i invite him in, surprisingly he comes in and just plops down
in isenfel Quen Gilroy is the mans name that daleen tells me
he might be able to help me get to amarat isle
because he lost someone to the beast i might be able to convince him to take me there

Daleen tells me there is a preist of the 5 out there named Carl Hilbert
In Isenfel that is
Daleen says she doesnt know him or trust him for some reason
Iget ready to move on after saying bye to daleen

say goodbye and thanks to the moose

July 1st
preparing to leave DAleens home
Say goodbye,
Travel all day make my way to isenfel, I see the wolf a few more times as I walk,
hes kind of mirrioring me it seems

We arrive at ISenfel, the wolf seems pretty pissed about actually having to enter a town.
Make my way towards the 1 tavern here, doesnt look like theres even an inn

At the well i am approached by a priest of the 5
Carl, he offers me a place to stay
i ask him about quen he tells me the house to go to
Talk with the old lady outsiude then find quen inside
hes drunk

Talk to him about talking me to amarat
hes freaked out doesnt want to
says it makes it way close as the fog reaches here
tentacles and weird noises
he says the beast took the boat his son was on
hes too durnk he goes to bed

I start talking to his wife i thjink
she ends up telling me some more, says she will talk to him in the morning about it
she tells me about oskel vray guy lives on the edge of the village
his mother was a foreigner his father was merc soldier
something happens the mother dies and the father takes the boy away
boy shows back up after some time, oskel often seen at mothers grave
lives at cabin and hunts occasionally comes into town

Talk with the preist that night as im setting up for bed
tells me about the island,
through his stories i get some connection as if the beast is trapped here
and actually uses to thje fog to hide its weakness instead of offensively
there may be some physical conneciton to this plane through the beast
maybe thats what the fog is hiding.

I get some rest after the preist feeds me, nice meal, nice wine

July 2nd
Hear quen and father talking outside
quen doesn’t believe i can do it because i am a knight of the 5 by the priests words

Little boy is brought in all beaten up
its the boy from last night, i helped him get home because he said some bullies might beat him up, after i helpd him get home i talked with the bullys, threatened them
figured they would fuck off after that but they ended up beating the shit out of this kid today
or maybe someone else i dont know.

The father today tells me of the Clyve and Grove house, thats where the boys live
Ended up having both the boys brought out and had them whipped for what happened
pretty happy with my self
told the father off again

head out to meet crazy guy oskel
he shouts queleth at me the name fo rthe old arcane knights
i walk up to him and he sets a bow and arrow on the table infront of me
dudes really weird, just making sound effects for stuff intstead of talking

he ends up giving me a short bow and a special arrow
its to use when things become clear against the beast
he gives me a bag of flash powder as well
i head back to quen

quen doesn’t believe i got what it takes to kill the beast
I show him a little magic and tell him im an arcane knight hes down to take me after
as we leave were on the water and wolf joined us
wolfshead takes over the wolf and speaks to me he tesll me how to defeat the binders and the beast, and if i want i can defeat the beast permanalty in its home plane via a special ritual

we keep sailing come upon a small island
4 fishmen are tying up 3 goblins and 1 human
i go fuck them up
take the human and end up leaving the 1 alive goblin there

we sail off

July 2nd

Were sailing its night time.
We rest for the night, the boy is half waking up.

Waking up throughout the night
we come upon the island in the early morning hours
the sun is just coming up

July 3rd

I exit the boat and start heading into the island, can the see the odd purple stone work
alien looking structures here
very foggy
the wolf is hesistant but ends up joining me on the island.

I get attacked by a small floating mouth and eyes thing.
chop it in half and move on
get some glimpses of the past seeing sentient beasts that used to live here
they were pretty fucked up, worshipping the monster that is here as a diety
is this monster some sort of god or just a primordial monster that has fooled people?
either way its obviously survived for millenia at the very least

see a vision inside of these monsterous biengs killing their own young as sacrifices for this monster on an idol of it

Head downstairs in what i think is this temple.

I find the monster downstairs its a writhing mass of tencles and teeth and fog
i figure out the in preivous room there were tiles that were magically connected to this
i destroy all but one then fire the arrow into the monster
then follow it back to its own realm and destroy it there, the wolf saves me at the last moment because i tripped on my way to the portal
we rest for only a moment before the temple starts to collapse
no the entire island is sinking into the ocean we rush out
almost forgot to find the jewel of primirose but i am abnle to snatch it
then make it back to the boat

thank the gods, we barely make it out,
i sense xanasathuuls presence later that day he was brought here to investigate the
sinking of the island, he was able to sense it from far away, and now he feels me nearby
luckily he is unable to sniff out our little boat

we make it back to isenfel
July 4th
Late morning
Talk with priest hes going to feed the man we found and helkp him
offered to let me stay and sleep again
rested around for most of the day
as the sun was setting KAleen shows up

She takes the jewel from me and says i must meet her in cheross if she is to hold up her end of the bargain, she says stay in the dragons lair inn

get ready for bed, Rannan is doing well getting some food water and rest
Preist pisses me off talking about liandra because i said her name in my sleep

July 5th Waking in the morning
rannan is from fishrock he said come see him if im ever there.
An armored man with symbols of the 5
named Tanren shows up at the temple
he seems like some sort of holy knight hes here to find teh witch, the woman i knew before
her name was daleen, he and i speak i dont fucking like him
i think hes going to frame her as a witch and have her punished because hes a zealot

we exchange some words i threaten him he threatens me
the preist is telling me hes a powerful paladin of some sort
I get my shit ready, instead of going straight to cheross Im going to waste a bit of time heading to Daleens house, to warn her and possibly take care of this dude if he shows up to kill her.

July 5th
As Im preparing to exit Isenfel I see 2 of Tanren company readying horses as well almost as if to follow me.

Tanrens company consists of about a dozen men lightly armored and such.
I can sense that tanren tries to prope my thoughts

I head off and sure enough later as I lay and wait alongside the road i see 2 of tanrens men come up the road, they turn back eventually it seems theyve given up.

I decide to head for Daleens cottage.
As i arrive i see a mount outside, a bearded man is looking in the windows, we start to talk

Domus is the mans name, hes looking for a place to stay.
He is avarian, I tell him to move along, because daleen nor me feel comfortable with him here.

I think Daleens only recourse is to head to cheross with me, i dont know what else to do.
I remember some facts about Cheross, OsVauld Torhildt is the Duke of Cheross
Hes a hard dude, the people in cheross and him are the most old nothian of all people.
They resist the new gods and their culture is old school.
The area is known as “The Reach”

Daleen actually pulls out a nest egg of coin,
We start moving and travel for some of the night, we find a place to camp a small cave

Daleen tells me of Gildory that night
Rumor has it Gildory may attempt to invade nothia.

That night before i could get any rest i see a strange yellow light in thge fog moving through the trees.
Daleen tells me of Franok the old wolf god, a child of hern so i think ill name the wolf Franok

On the way to cheross
June 6th
We come upoin Gryffic at nearly sunset.
Count Vanden Torhildt of Gryffic is the son of Osvauldt
First thing I notice about this place is this is the first larger town ive been in that doesnt have signs of the 5 plastered everywhere. People here are a bit more gruff, taller/meatier.

Vorhign was my mothers maiden name, her family is supposed to be from somewhere up here. Some minor clan, some small farming community near cheross is the small snippits i remember
The inn here is named Griffons Talon.

Large woman is the barkeep tehres a badass axe on the wall
her son is Strun hes huge a bit slow maybe
Margo is her name
We get a private room then head to tavern even though its late to eat

outside we see some people fighting and everyone is cheering it on and betting and shit
Good show

I see some small dude with ruinic tatoos and a gnarled staff old man skinny
he points and me and rambles some shit about the savior of nothia
he says the battle of yennis will fail because of the saviors actions then he walks off

we make it to the tavern, dudes are all watching a chick dance,
shes doing some beer dance for money its a short fun event
she serves the beers

I drink that night, the people here are awesome, they like me too they are alot like my mother was.

I sleep that night a boy tries to sneak in and steal from us
i give him a few silvers and send him off
wake up June 7th

Tenan shows up that morning, surrounds the inn and comes in we talk he threatens me says he wants teh witch, I tell him no, call him out on not even being nothian while hes tryingf to claim to be serving nothia , fuck him hes really here for the 5
the people outside are sort of xenophobic and it works to my favor, they scare them off because now there are a dozen guys out tehre, a few of them armed.
TEnan sees is not worth fighting and leaves, but promises to get me eventually

I think hes going to wait for us outside the town, Margo ends up telling us that there are barges that run back and forth between here and Cheross, she says her cousin Enan actually might be able to get us to cheross

We see Margo off.

June 7th

We are underway with our horse and donkey riding a barge to Cheross, this way we can avoid tanrens pursuit.

The trip is largely uneventful, we do pass a few hamlets along teh way
it gets pretty dark we traveled all day and some of the night.

We decide to travel on towards Cheross its nearly 10pm when we arrive
Guards give us a little hassle but understandable its a bit late

City is bigger than i thought, well layed out huge port city.
Guard recommends Gladstone Resthome
Emirate Gladstone owns the place.

I was confronted by De Mussey on the way to Gladstone Resthome
Fog filled the street and he called out to me
He then appeared I imagine i would have been taken by De mussey if it were not for Kaleen appearing, she tells de mussey she will protect me
Both parties do not appear to wish to fight so they break off from eachother without a fight

Kaleen helps us make to the inn safely, tells us we should be safe for the night
I tell her of my past with Demussy and of the pwoerful spell forcing him into civilization

We go inside the Gladstone Emirate and his son kirk get my horses and get us off to a private room so we can sleep
I lay down to sleep

June 8th

Wake up explain everything to Daleen
shes seems to take it ok

We leave to find breakfast a little girl finds me shes crying in town she says her mother and brother went down into the cellar and havent come back up

I end up following the girl outside of town a short way to a small farmstead
dunno how she made it all the way into the city to ask a knight for help
As i go intot he cellar i smell blood and see a dismemberd hand

Something tunneled up into this house
I decide to go into the tunnel I want to put an end to the monster that did this.
It opens into a larger cave that leads towards a cavernish area.

Out of a pool rises some undead monstroisity its a armored skeletal monster and inside of it resting a smaller skeleton
it attacks, after a nearly deadly battle I was able to cause a crack in its armor and slay the beast

June 8th

After destroying the undead monster I am still downstairs
Little girls name was Clara,

I decide to investigate the area Im getting some insight that there must have been someone from the surface down here that disturbed the area.

I get a flash of postcognition, seems 3 men came through here. 2 unsavory types 1 robed
theese 3 break the magic seal and unleash the monster inside.
the robed one knows what will happen and gives the treasure up to the theives
he then holds the creature, then releases it it seems the robed mans plan all along was just to release the beast for some weird reason.

the robed man had a symbol of the 5

i come back and im in the skeletons room.

Head back up stairs tell clara her mother and brother are dead then make my way to cheross
clara is able to direct us to a woman
Claras aunt tells us that thoose 3 men showed up to her sisters house a day before
seems like the same 3 men The leader had white hair clean shaven blue eyes

Find the tall lanky thief from ym vision in the street so i stop him to talk to him
he tells me the preists name is Samon. AFter I get some info out of him
I tell the nearby guards to arrest him on my honor as a knight
they do and pretty awesomely enough 2 of the guards recognize me as “the hero of the twilight vale” I’ve never heard that one before.
they take him and me to the guard commander Jared Cinders.
Cinders and I talk on the way towards The Duke Osvauldt Tohidlt
On the way we see Fiona his daughter.

As we enter I can hear osvauld talking to some man saying he wont allow a church to be built inside of his city. The preist he is shouting at is cowed by osvauld then shoved outside.

As im introduced to Osvauldt he embraces me saying my mothers family and his are very freindly. I meet a man named Johad he would be a distant cousin/relative.

Tell the duke I want this guy executed
get daleen a room at the keep, then ehad off i wanna take out these last 2 dudes.
Get the torturer to scare the bajessus out of this guy and he tells me of Orvel Crudings
he says the guy left might be heading towards verok by now.

Prisoner tells me he thinks he saw the preist in Veork before for some reason.

As i leave I see the preist from before the one that got rushed out for wanting to build a church here, his name is bastion. We have a long talk about ideals, he shared augustsus vision I tell him I have personal reasons for wanting to kill tanren and Samon but he should want them dead because they are part of the problem from augustsus vision of their religion they are destroying it with their wicked deeds.

He tells me Merchant Gilbert Des Rosey, a wealthy merchant here in Cheross, hes a Five sympathizer, so hes bank rolling and hiding samon and tanren and such.

See Kaleen so I talk with her she was waiting nearby watching our conversation
she tells me of Demussey
Hes a very old and powerful vampire. She tells me that simply decapitating him would only put him at bay for some time, hes so powerful he is nearly immortal
there is a small village near the city of Ynnis named MEarmok, there is some connection between MEarmok and De Mussey Through Kaleens investigation she found our MEarmok used to be a large city and it was then De Mussey became a vampire .

There are the ruins there of an ancient graveyard below Mearkmok, where an ancient city to used to be. We will have to preform some rituals in order to destroy Antoine De Mussey

My first order will be to head to MEarmok and see what kind of information or clues I can discover, perhaps even the first bit of the ritual….

Kaleens leaves me that night, I head towards Daleens room to get some rest.

Will Wake up June 9th

Night of July 8th

As i approach my room I see Fiona’s manservant from before. He says Fiona wishes to speak with me so he takes me down a side corridor to speak with her.

She asks to have me be her protector on her journey she is to make soon. I tell her I have duties that wont allow it, she is upset, wanted a dick not a protector.

I make it back to my room and go find Daleen, she and I talk for a bit.

July 9th

During the night I am awoken by Daleens scream, it seems im being lifted out of the room by some magical means. Some people come to the room and are trying to help me not get pulled out the window. As we struggle Johad arrives and reveals himself to have some magic abilities, he is able to cast some sort of spell that ends the attack.

Johad and I talk that night, I reveal to him Samon and Tanren and the rest of the situation. He knows the name Samon, a man responsible for Johads sons death. Johad is distraught at the noise of his appearance in the city, and rushes to wake the duke.

We awake the duke and speak with him, after some debate he agrees to allow me to take control of his guard and approach the De Rosey residence. We will demand the hand over of Samon and Tanren if he is present.

Tanrens entourage is ready for us at De Rosey’s home. News must have reached them somehow There is a pitched battle, most of Tanrens entourage is slain, Samon is captured. However Tanren himself is able to escape.

July 10th Morning,

Samon is dragged to the court of the duke, I expect he will be executed for his crimes against his duke as well as the personal vendetta Johad has against him for the murder of his son. The duke Osvaldt has shown he is not a 5 sympathizer so I don’t expect he will even get a fair trial, not that the monster deserves it.

Osvadlt is willing to see to Daleens safety for me. She wouldnt do well with me on the road, far to dangerous for her. Osvaldt is a man that will appreciate her talents in alchemy and minor magical powers. She will serve him and in return he will give her food/shelter/ and protection from tanren and the like. Out here in the reach I don’t suspect anyone as bold as tanren will come for her again, if they do, they face bigger hurdles.

Im left with a problem. Tanren has fled the city, to where I don’t know. Id like to see him dead to ensure Daleens safety, howver I have another mission. The village, or whats left of it, of Meermok holds secrets that might relate to Demusseys past, and perhaps offer insight on how to defeat him. By Kaleens advice Meermok should be my first stop.

July 11th Morning

I am leaving Cheross after speaking with the Duke, he gave me a mount very gracious of him.
I head off towards Meermok

A few days pass uneventfully during my travel, Its the night
July 15th
Some strange things happened that night, in the end it seems someone was pranking me
I find out its a fey of some sort so i try to appease them with a gift Glitterhall
I drop of 3 silver nearby and leave it alone, after some time a male fey fairy appeared nearby
On the log next to me, hes larger than youd think almost a foot tall

He says he saw tanren sleeping somewhere nearby he tells me he will take me there
on my way i find a man thats been hurt by wolves it seems

Im able to fend of the wolves and save the mans life
I take him back to my camp then follow Glitterhall to Tanrens camp

I show myself ot him outside for a fair fight and lop of his fucking head off
take some stuff from his corpse

I head back and start talking to the man that was attacked by wolves his name is farn
everything about him is skecthy i follow him and it ends up being a group of avarain spies
they are out here with maps and letters detailing the surrounding area
for what i dont know
i end up killing 4 of them
3 of them i am going to try to take to VEneer

a woman she has magic of some sort
and 2 men
I bundle up some papers from the cabin and tie the three together
Glitterhall offers to watch over the three and uses magic to keep them asleep for the night
so now i can finally get some rest
I have sweet sweet dreams about tanrens head flying through the air.

July 12 morning

Morning July 12th

Wake up to Glitterhouse, he helps by turning the prisoners into sheep
We tie them up and lead them to VEneer, it takes me 3 days

July 15th

I make it to veneer and Glitterhall turns them back into people for me. He doesnt want to come into the city so he says he will stay at a nearby tree while he waits for me.

I head inside and tell the guard captain all the info about the spies and give them the papers i took from the cabin
They say the lord may want to talk to me so i atleast have to waste some time here in town
I tell em ill wait at the ghosts goblen a place owned by odgen and sarah some people ive met before
When i get there i see some guards harrasing a elf outside. I convince them to head off after dropping my name, one guard recognizes me it convinces the others to back off

Elleshten is his name, i chat with him a bit while waiting at the ghosts goblet.
He tells me he senses an aura about me he says he saw another with the same aura, it means there is another arcane knight a half orc.

I say bye to Elleshten and head off towards the market district i think i can find him, if hes come here on a boat hes probabley got some sort of purpose so i think hes gonna shop and move on, not stay here.

Sure enough I find him we meet in an alley showing our markings, agree to talk without weapons, we made our way down the alley to a secluded spot.

He calls it Qor that is the name for arcane knights in his culture,
His name is Gulleth. We speak for a while he seems to be an ok guy
doesnt seem inherintly evil or maybe hes just telling me that.

Hes going to Mount Arabus its in the twilight vale
he doesnt want to tell me more than that though, i guess tis fair im pretty seceretive to him
I tell him as a gesutere of good faith ill help him out of town, hes going to have problems doing so, seeing as he is a half orc. With me it should go smoothly.

We decide to meet back up at the ghosts goblet once prepared and we will leave
On my way back i am surrounded by guards 12 of them they take me to see the duke, by force if necesary

Duke egrin silverstone is pissed his daughter Was bedded by jocko he says, and supposedly i am jockos friend, so he wants me to find him so he can punish him
Seems jocko blabbed about me being the one that slew the goblin king in his songs

as i leave, it seems gulleth followed me there, he was keepin an eye on me a good gesutre
I get a letter, its from jocko, he tells me wher ehe is
I split with Gulleth again tell him i hope to help him later tonight if he doesnt leave before

Go to jocko and speak with him a bit, his lviving quarters are a far stretch from what i saw him in last we met, playing in the court of the king of nothis, living it up in luxury, now he is living in an abandonded house basement, some candles bedroll and shit food. Its hilarious to me. HE thinks Prince Orik, the priest Delith, or the courtier known as Galen. one fo them must be the father, jocko just slept with her.

Evening of July 15th

Evening July 15th

Spoke with Jocko some more and we went over some ideas. Convinced him he needs to resolve the situation not run from it, or else his life ruined.

Left jockos, went to ghosts goblet again, got some food. Found a guy knocked unconcious by my horse. Left him cause his name was some sting name.

then went to find Gulleth to help him, we talked a bit. He told me of a alchemist from some time ago, that built a tower in the very spot that meermok once stood. He was trying to develop a poultice for combating a vampire, perhaps it was developed specifically for Demussey, it seems he lost his battle but maybe there is a clue to it still there.

I then escorted gulleth out of the city, with my sway it was easy to get him out unchallenged.

I headed back to the keep to get some rest, saw prince olric of Ikernia on my way in.

Went to sleep

Morning Julty 16th.

I awake and am pretty much forced to eat breakfast with the duke and the prince
The prince olric is a real dick seems like this whole thing is just entertainment to him

everyone goes out after breakfast i follow the dukes son Toben outside to the yard for his morning practice, and i spar with him a bit.
I get him worked up enough to spill the beans, about the preist delith molesting him as a child, he also says he saw him do it to the daughter as well, so he is the father of her unborn child. Toben storms off, i go after him because im worried. he teeters on weither or not to shove delith off a balcony when he sees him, but i stop him before.

I tell him we gotta do it right, convince him to go to his father
he does his father is pissed gets the priest and now he will be punished
he also declares jocko free since i say jocko helped with figuring this whole thing out

Everything ends up pretty decent, the boy is gonna be strong and help his family through this tough time.

I get jocko cleaned up fed and clothed proper. And we head off to who knows where.

July 17th morning leaving VEneer

Afternoon July 17th

Jocko heads off on his own way, towards nothia he tells me. Im heading to the standing stones i remember as a landmark from some time ago. I thinks its the place that glitterhall described, where his gate tot he fey world is.

Said my goodbyes to Glitterhall, around sunset, he set off into the portal, and thats that.

I set up camp some ways from the standing stones. As Im getting ready for bed in the dark i see torches and hear voices in the distance. I go to investigate.
I see 8 men working out here, a woman is with them, shes got a staff with skulls and the like hanging from it. SHe has long white hair she looks like some sort of witch to me.
Theres also a younger woman, shes scared and bound, being drug to a dead tree to be tied to it. Maybe some kind of ritual?

Some monster appears and it seems its the evil spirit here to claim the woman as its payment for keeping theese people safe. Its an evil demon or spirt, has nothing to do with hern like they say. I end up killing the spirit, and take the people who are out of the mind control of the mosnter back tot he village
I speak with the old woman she is smarter and wiser than most. She will explain tot he other She lets me stay with her that night.

Morning July 18th

Heading towards meermok from this village.

July 23rd Travel for a few days towards meermok

Morning I am arriving nearby, its hot out.
Mid morning I come across the ruins of Meermok
Up on a hill overlooking the village I can see the remenants of a tower, first and part of the second floor as still there.
The village itsself is over 1000 years old I dont think I will find anything here.
The tower looks newer, though still ruined

As I near the tower i see someone duck into the tower, I call out to them.
Sylvia is the womans name, wearing leather and carrying an ornate bow.

I prove to her i am capable by deflecting an arrow of hers
She allows me to stay and help her after i deflect it.
We enter the tower and there is a ornate door leading down
on it is some writing in old nothian it says only an arcane knight can enter
We head down after i open the door, find some notes, rants and ravings from the old alchemist, it seems he went crazy over time
He developed a potion called the black blood potion, its supposed to harm the vampire if he bites you after youve ingested the potion,
The alchemist killed himself drinking the potion unfortunately. it is poisonous but perhaps an arcane knight can survive and use it effectively. We collect the instructions on how to craft the potion

There are a decent amount of common ingredients, but a few rare ones and one very rare
The rarest ingredient is the black orchid its must be harvested “not too early not too late”

I talk with Sytnhia that night, convince her that were going to work together to collect he ingredients and create this potion then we should be able to use it against.

We sleep that night.

Morning July 24th

Morning July 24th

That morning I see a small force of about 100 men moving southwest towards nothis. I talk to them some counts captain was out collecting levies . I stop to talk to him, he says the goblins are pressing the north. An attempt was made on the kings life, by what people think are Gilderoi assasins. Avara is pressing the western borders b ecause of pressure from Gilderoi.

The king has put out a call to collect all able men, knights, and the like to join him in the capitol to begin a war it seems.

I head back up to talk with Sylvia after talking with the captain, and he heads off.

I talk with Sylvia, it is hard to convince her to go with me to nothis, she doesnt want shit to do with the politics or the fighting, she just wants to kill demussy because hes killed everyone she loves before. Eventually she relents, we will stick it through togther.
She has a map to a hidden grotto in the village, we follow it and end up in a small cave, there is a hidden wall.

Inside we traverse some traps and the like eventually we come to a underwater tunnel and make our way through it barely. and find the chambers where a battle took place between demussy and his master. He used a gem called the stone of Sarthas, I am able to find that very gem. It seems to be inert though. Sylvia also collects some bone dust and some rotted wood from the coffin. She thinks it can be used to make a weapon
We make it back up to the outside, then start out travel to Nothis.

July 28th

It took us 4 days to make it to Nothis, The city is extremely busy, at first we arrive and are lumped in with the rest of the soldiers, but eventually we are summoned by the king.

When I arrive Daleen is here, seems she was summoned to deal with this, or perhaps The Duke of Cheross sent her as he heard. We are int he kings bedroom, in this room is his wife, his son, augustus, another preist, that seems to be advising him or something. a few of the dukes and personal servants. As soon as i arrive, he throws everyone out of the room but me.

Osten Vymarr is the king
HE says i am loyal and honest so he has 2 requests for me. First he wants me to be his prescence on the field. He wants me to take his levies and represent him as a show of solidarity with the reach. Im to support the duke of cheross in a potentional clash with the goblins of twilight vale. Intel says there is a host amassing within the Burough bay there havent been any major engagements yet but the duke cannot leave his home behind as it is threatened.

He also gave me the seal of nothia, its a cube made of jade and gold, it has a slight magical aura. He wants me to keep it because its required for the succession. He doesnt necessarily trust anyone at this point, its obvious even his son. So i am to keep it, and make sure the rightful heir is selected in the event of his death, as well as he commanded me to kill the person responsible for his death. Once thats done the seal is to be given to the reightful heir.

The prince calls me over after i exit the room he wants to talk about something,
He says his fathers a bit delusional sometimes, and he wants to knwo whats happeneing, I tell him the parts about the goblin invasion but leave out the seal.

After that word is sent for the camp to meet with me so we can start making this happen. but i speak with my father rudolph at the dinner table he says if i give up my aracane knight powers he will take me back, tell him to leave i was made this way theres nothing i could do, but i dont want to change ti anyways and i dont want to go back with him, he played the mother card i said fuck off

Then captain Darce, the captain that i saw murder a village becasue of their “heathenistac ways” coems over and asks for me to meet with his lord. I say fuck off I got orders from the king.

The camp comes to pick me up, on the way to meet with them i see BRant we chat for a moment, but have to split ways, hes gotten better. a bit fatter and richer it seems because hes settled we have to part ways though.

I meet with the captains of the kings personal army.
Captain Adrian Falcon
Captain Vernon Richards
Captain Harold Jensen
Captain Ulfric

Meet with the captains i tell them what is happening they all agree lets get moving asap
Ulfric is from the reach knew of my family as well, they all seem like good guys

Head out to find Sylvia, after some suspiciuous shit i find her downstairs tied up she was whipped i think because of her relation to me
I find the priest that did it, force him to give me the names of his conspirators but before i can have him killed augustus shows up and makes an offer i have to take infront of everyone, give him the preist to be punished, its worked out that hes going to kill him so its ok to me. He discreetly gave me a vial for the bite on sylvias neck

I go to sylvias room and apply the salve, it works and heals her wound, she then gets groggy, i say goodbye as shes falling asleep, i ahve a plan to keep her safe since she cant come with
and tis dangerous in a city, de mussey could come for her at any time.

I go to augustus, hes the only oen capable of defending her that i know about, his powerful faith, and holy afffinity should be able to protect her i think. He agrees and says ive done enough for him in my travels.

I meet back up with the men we are set to head out for a forced march towards teh reach, the goal is to aid Duke Osvauldt in his defense of the reach against the invading goblin horde.

We are leaving Mid day July 28th.

Midday July 28th

As we are leaving I head out wuickly to find Daleen, shes been tending to the king as a herbalist since his sickness and/or wounds.
I give DAleen the set of ripped pages from the alchemists journal, it contains the ingredients and how to prepare the black blodo poultice.
There are 3 ingredients I dont think she can get, but she might be able to gather all the others for me.

Kurric’s tears, which is a crystal found near volcanoes
a Royal Purple orchid, a rare mutation of a rare black orchid flower.
Glowing Black Caps, a rare mushroom only found in the underdark.

She thinks she can get the rest, but isnt sure if she can brew it…maybe with some study and the right equipment she might be able to do it.

I meet back up with the men as everyone prepares and we leave.
About 500 men, and nearly 80 calvary.

As we march I see a man off the side of the road, the captains keep the men moving as Vernon and I step aside to see whats happening
Its an inquisitor they are from the hand of the five a sect of five known for cruel punishments of offenders against their religion he claims the 2 men he has tied up are demon worshipers, hes trying to a confession out of them and rat out the rest of the demon worshipers in the nearby thorp hollow crossing.

I end up provoking the inquisitor and he attacks me, after a scuffle hes slain, we free the 2 men, they are worshippers of hern not a demon, some of the men appear grateful some dont like it

We move on, after 3 days through Velen Woods.
July 31st Night

In my tent, Harold Jensen sends a camp girl in for company and before anything can happen I get suddenly teleported I am suspended in the air by a orc shaman of some sort, he says when i killed the old orc king i maimed him, he wants revenge, he dumps me into a pit and locks it up.

Then the queen shows up some sort of sorcoreess goblin/orc she taunts me and trys to torture me and probe my thoughts, then gets mad and thrwos me back in the pit, i black out when landing.

I wake up and its nearing morning, i hear a noise at the top of the pit the cover is being taken off Glitterhall appears and he saves me, we fly out of there in glitter form moving really fast

After i explain what happened to the captains and some of the men, then speak with glitterhall a bit before he leaves,

I have to travel on today even thought i didnt sleep, we cant afford delays. after seeing the giant horde and their ships and siege equipment i know we must move to help the reach

august 1st
Were riding on again.
I get a letter from the garrison at Verok they are under siege by goblin forces i decide we have to help them even if theres a delay in getting to cheross. If we help maybe they can rearm and resupply us so we cna go to cheross even stronger.

I sleep and wake up the next day near my bed is Wolfshead he talks to me in an odd fashion usually hes not so serious, it seems the circle of durids is calling a meeting of all archdruids, he has to abandon his son for some time, he wants him to come with me
His son is calvin, or babbling brook, he is learning the ways of a druid and could use the experience he thinks his son can get traveling with me
he wants him to learn of humans and savage races and the balance they create, see it first hand as if war is a part of the balance.

So we say goodbye to wolfshead and i call the captains so we can talk with calvin

August 2nd, weve been marching for 5 days now

That night after the meetings
im attacked by a goblin asassin but am able to defend myself
the assasssin flees though, we double the guard and get back to rest.

We travel uneventfully ending up nearby the siege of verok 2 days later.

We arrive nearby the siege on August 5th morning.

August 5th Morning, Arriving at the Siege

We had some scouts out to check out the siege, then my men brought a spy to us.
Executed the spy after we figured out he got a message sent out. Had the body burned.
Got a message from the king he confirms what we knew, Gilderoy has landed some ships and a small army to try to just fuck up the reach in general. Either mess things up so they die to goblins, or sow distrust between the reach and the crown or anything that can fuck our plans up while the main armies attack from Avaria.

An old man is brought forward from Vernon and some soldiers.
he gives us some information about armies ladning and taking Stamfrey, its the Gilderoy forces
We thank him, talk wioth Calvin some more.
That night Helena shows up to my room she has an offer
She wants the Orb of Tirmoc its part of the goblin queens staff
She offers help during the battle in exchange, I have to take it because it could save lives

The fight goes according to plan for the most part, Calvin is able to support with lightning bolts and Helena does actually help, purple smoke appeared on the battlefield and it targeted the goblins and turned them into pigs, it had to be Helena.

After we run down the stragglers erveryhone meets up, Helena finds me that night i thank her for saving my mens lives with her magic, she charms me and i think we bang that night.

Augusts 7th Morning
Wake up talking with men about next moves. Calvin shows me the locations of the enemy armies with his druidic sight. At Brugoh Bay the main goblin army continues to amass troops. and ships. And in the pines a region just north of hindengard marsh, the gilderoy army of nearly 1000 lies in wait hoping to ambush us as we head to cheross.

With local knowledge from my camp we decide on a plan. Captain Adrain with his knowledge of the swamp will take the calvary directly to stamfrey and fight the token force there, and he will take over the village. Meanwhile we will ambush the main force and in a pitched battle do our best not to suffer losses and force them to retreat. Once they run to stamfrey and see they have nowhere to go, the men will loose hope.

Adrian sets off and our plan is in motion August 7th Morning.

August 7th Morning

Adrian leaves with the calvary force to sneak through the marshes.

We take our main force and try to move stealthfully towards the gilderoy army, and sneak behind them.

The fight goes to shit i am nearly slain in the middle of the battle by a field marshal of the gilderoy army. a day later i awake in the ghost wood, some of my men were able to save me and drag me there. Seems most of my army was killed and a scout from adrians force arrives saying his men were killed as well.

Waking up August 9th

Adrian Ulfric and Harold the captains are all dead and more than half the men

Talk with some of the men try to come up with a new plan
glitterhall arrives and takes me to cheross He and a force of fairys attack the force thats been upsetting cheross, freeing cheross from their

We play a game of chicken with the hilderoy army and make our way to cheross by using the threat of the goblins

We are able to weasel around them with only a few goblin encounters and make it to cheross

august 23rd Morning inside Cheross
talking with duke osvauldt explain everything i know to him, i need time to decide what i will do, so i get some herbs and other things and try to meditate on what to do.

August 23rd night sleeping

Wake up to a man in my room. HE starts questioning me. I find out hes the liason of a wizard. Said wizard claims to be pulling the strings for the goblin armies, he plans on taking over the world and wants me to help him. So I attack the lizardman.

Talk with Osvauldt and Jondarr about the lizardman.

Decide on my plan something in my meditation told me to head towards the west. so thats what we will do. The king as sent a letter telling me to leave the seal with duke osvauldt
duke osvauldt has also been ordered to take out the gilderoy forces, it worries him because it leaves him open to possible goblin attacks. We are going to be a thorn in the goblisn side and try our best to slow them down.

Osvauldt is confident they can destroy the now standed forces of gilderoy but it will take time because they will run as much as possible.

We head out looking for villages after the path of destruction the goblin hoard that was defeated outside of cheross has left.

That afternoon we come across Lyrian a village west of cheross. The village is still standing but something is off. As we approach i hear a group of men laughing.
Its bandits attacking a family looks like a blacksmith in the center of the village
PLace has been abanded maybe this family came back but they alone so easy prey for bandits
Kill like 5 of them they are trying to rape and steal form this family
Outside a giant attacks, seems like a weapon of the goblins that has broken free.
We are able to bring it down though, speak with the family.

In village Lyrian
August 24th

Iric the dwarf
Calvin the druid
and myself travel to Gryfic we wonder how the city is.

It takes us a day to travel out there, we camp for a night
August 25th
We arrive at Gryfic the town seems deserted.
Explore around a bit but before I notice it my companions Iric and Calvin are lost too, their horses as well. The tracks lead nowhere its almost as if theyve disappeared out of thin air.

When I entered the city I heard a voice call out to me telepathically. She identified herself as Kayla, she wondered why I could see through her illusion, and even more important, why did I resist the magic she used to magically teleport my friends away.

Worry took over and I attempted to mentally block her out. I scanned teh city from the guard tower and found a single building that seemed out of place. It emitted a magical aura, a small stone temple to Avath.

I rushed to the temple, and inside there wa Kayla, a snake woman of some sort, this temple was her brooding ground. There were hundreds of eggs inside here. She also had captured all the missing people / goblins and was keeping them in magical jars. Her plan was to use her prisoners as food to grow her children into adults. She claimed to be on the brink of a new empire for her kind.

She seemed to find me intriguing because i was able to resist her magics and leaned towards keeping me around, she even hinted as using me as a donor for her next brood. When her guard was down i took the opprotunity to strike. She was quicker than me and struck me with magical lightning that almost took me out in a single shot.

Her mistake was taking the time to gloat before finishing me, though she was a powerful sorceress her body was as frail as anyone elses and 1 swipe took her head from her body.

Afterwards I burned the temple of Avath to the ground to get rid of her brood and broke the jars containing humans freeing them back into the city. After they thanked us my companions and I left with three jars of goblins (we believe near 250 of them) in tow.

Outside of town we release the leader of the tribe and speak with him. Im able to convince him of my power and that I can help him acheive greater power. Like I assumed goblins especially during war times change leadership quite often. Every goblin is conniving, and scheming his way to the top. and their loyalty only goes as far as it serves them.

this goblin warband leaders name is Kurack, I will attempt to manipulate him and use my power to help him climb the hierarchy that is the goblin leadership. The goal is to atleast distract the goblin queen enough for me to get close and kill her. Last time we met she was too strong, I was helpless to her magics. I’ll have to attempt to distract her, or find some way to get close. A coup’ could be the ticket I need.

Evening August 25th


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